12 formulas to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires talent, strategy, attitude and other attributes that must be born within you.

Once you decide to become an entrepreneur, the first thing you will hear are warnings, advice, complaints, so that you do not abandon school, work or put your career, finances, your family or your stability at risk. Additionally, these objections will come from those closest to you – which may discourage you.

That is why you need great internal strength, you must be able to fight against fatigue, difficulties and material obstacles; but above all you must overcome the very hard internal struggle, emotional conflicts and uncertainty that await you.

An entrepreneur is a motivated, disciplined, persistent being, a dreamer, discoverer, inventor, explorer of new routes, but also objective, strategic. strategic and with the minimum rational bases that every business must have.

Plan, direct, administer, evaluate, coordinate, control. Your product or service can be very creative and revolutionary, but do not neglect its material bases, quality, competitiveness, costs, price, productivity, profitability, logistics and supply, and innovate, save, study the market, analyze trends, look for better materials. The globalized world offers information and alternatives for almost everything.

You are going to go down unknown paths, you are going to open market segments that no one has seen, you will look for new ways of doing business, you will launch new products, you will stand in many lines, you will wait a long time to be heard, you will see the fruits of your work In the long term, funds will run out, you will be rejected many times, clients will not come the first time, you will probably have to sacrifice your savings or assets, it is very likely that your partners will abandon you and that your employees will leave in search of better jobs. opportunities…
Anticipate all of this: prepare thoroughly for the worst without losing confidence in your project.

Don’t stop believing, break your fears: worship discipline and tenacity. You have to be a radical fan of yourself. Everything is uphill, enjoy the pain; assimilates rejection; Nurture yourself with the courage and strength to go forward again and again; don’t stop trying, don’t allow anyone or anything to divert you from your goals; do not keep anything in yourself that is negative, look in the mirror as if it were the last time; start anew and see life today as a step towards the tomorrow you dream of.

Entrepreneurs perceive things differently, they do not look how or where others do; they feel impulses that others repress; They require your creativity, explosiveness and industriousness to go beyond the normal; you live dreaming, imagining. A business idea can arise anywhere; They are not afraid to investigate. The depth, nuances and contrast of things are different. Surely they will say that you are crazy many times; Don’t worry, madness doesn’t let you know when it arrives.

Everyone is a good entrepreneur when it comes to starting, so fuel your motivation. You’re going to need a good reserve of raw emotion, intensity, attitude. There is nothing better to get followers who see in you the consistency, perseverance and values ​​you promote.

An entrepreneur must be aware that he must protect his creations, brands, projects, intellectual property and all intangible and material assets. Although it may not be pleasant, you must comply with all legal and tax aspects to move forward looking for support, credit, the market, and clients. Don’t let others take advantage of your ideas; Many corporations feed on entrepreneurs to displace them with their infrastructure, resources and personnel; Don’t be careless, don’t give away your work; Do not leave anything to chance; Comply so they don’t take you out of the market. Competition is not always fair; Prepare to defend your assets at all costs.

Every idea comes from an extraordinary human being who put the best of himself into it, who clung to a possibility, dared to go into the unknown, abandoned what he had, bet everything and crystallized it into a project. Even if you are the owner of large brands or corporations, entrepreneurial success will always be linked to what you sowed, to the story that will be told about your legacy. The entrepreneur is a spark that becomes a flame and must leave his or her heat and light for others.

The story that will be told about you will be that of your journey, how you started, overcame yourself and managed to move forward; what you had to change, adapt, improve, adjust; In short: what you learned and how you applied that experience, new skills and knowledge to make them part of your mindset, your character, your personality, your way of doing business.

The past has already happened, it has already been, you cannot change it; The future must be built with the now. Entrepreneurial projects refine friends, contacts, relationships and clients. Get ready to make big adjustments to your directory, your personal agenda and the list of frequent visitors, supports and people to turn to. So focus on this moment, where you are, what you really have and enjoy them. Entrepreneur films last 2 hours maximum, motivational songs 5 ​​minutes, entrepreneurial speeches an hour, workshops 8 hours, diploma courses 120 hours, books, courses, everything works, but in real life you are going to need a lot. more time, energy, effort, work, discipline, dedication and motivation.

Do for an entrepreneur what you once wished someone would do for you.

The entrepreneur never makes money at the expense of the environment, he is not a miserable abuser of animals, he is not corrupt or corrupts, he takes care of the historical heritage, he is not an exploiter of his team, he does not discriminate, he is non-partisan, he does not sell his integrity or It hangs on its influences, trades fairly and maintains social coexistence in harmony. –