Wollef, the Mexican VC of the 5 unicorns

Wollef, the pioneering Mexican private equity fund, celebrates its tenth anniversary. It manages more than 180 million dollars invested in 44 companies that currently have operations in more than 22 countries.

Wollef stands out as the only Mexican investment fund with a portfolio that includes 5 unicorns: Konfio, Jeeves, Nubank, Kavak and Loft, consolidating its role in business success. In addition, it has recently created companies such as Aviva, Toku, Syscap, among others, in its portfolio.

Its founders, Eric Pérez-Grovas and Cristóbal Perdomo, are recognized and respected figures in the Latin American technology industry.

Eric, who played a pivotal role as the first director of MercadoLibre in Mexico, is also the Co-Founder and President of the Mexican Online Sales Association. For his part, Cristóbal was part of the founding team of Groupalia and Navent.

Together they founded Wollef, infusing the company with core values ​​of honesty, open-mindedness and courage, and a clear mission to advance the technology industry in Mexico and Latin America.

For their third fund, Luis Garza joins them as a partner, an expert with a 13-year career in the world of edtech startups, developing as CEO and founder of multiple companies such as Advenio, Kinedu and Aldea. This addition further strengthens Wollef’s team and its ability to continue leading technological advancement in the region.

“Wollef is teamwork. We learned that the one who wins is the one who makes a pack; and we are very fortunate to achieve the trust of world-class entrepreneurs who accept us into their group and share our transformative vision”says Eric Pérez-Grovas.

Cristóbal Perdomo added: «We are not afraid to try new things and follow our own path. Our word is our bond and we always keep it. We are not politically correct and believe in honest feedback. During these 10 years, we have remained true to our main motto: We invest in those who are willing to risk everything.»

This decade is one of notable achievements for Wollef, which is positioned as one of the leading VCs and sets the tone for technology investment in Latin America.