What is the profile of the entrepreneur?

Starting a successful business requires having a profile and a spirit with specific qualities. We show you what they are.

Having ideas is the first step. But the idea is 10% of the business and the remaining 90% is execution and not everyone is trained to manage and that is why most startups do not make it through the entrepreneurial death valley.

To undertake, complete physical, mental and spiritual dedication is necessary. Passion is that vital element that drives the machinery forward and turns sacrifice into enthusiasm.

To the dreamer side, the entrepreneur must add a dose of pragmatism to be able to decide with the focus on achieving objectives within a given period.

A characteristic of the profile of the genuine entrepreneur is that he is a serial insister. Trying and lowering his arms at the beginning is not like him. You don’t reach the top by jumping or flying, but by taking short but firm steps that allow you to perfect yourself in an organized manner.

To achieve success, you need a plan and visualizing the end goals. The beginning of the process begins by defining the strategic steps that will lead you to achieve the results. Visualizing goals allows you to have greater clarity about immediate priorities and needs.

Searching for and identifying needs, problems and trends in the family, neighborhood, regional, national or global environment and then trying to conceive alternatives for satisfaction is a hallmark of the entrepreneurial spirit.

The entrepreneur knows that he lives learning at all times and from every circumstance. Refusing to acknowledge problems or listen to divergent opinions is refusing to learn and consequently closing the door to growth and opportunity.

To recognize and accept problems and make the decisions to solve them requires a high capacity for courage and bravery.

Creativity involves generating ideas and then taking them apart and adding value. And many times it is not about creating what does not exist but about identifying and improving what exists by incorporating differentiation.

Entrepreneurial leadership is differentiated by agreeing on ideas and criteria, involving and compromising the human group in search of harmonious functioning.

By nature, the entrepreneur is optimistic and confident. He has self-confidence and believes in his abilities and capabilities to achieve the proposed goals.

He gets straight to the point, says what he thinks and is clear. The assertive entrepreneur tries to speak without hurting others.

Obviously, each person is different and we are all different. This is not a capricious or infallible list. It is only a list of common characteristics of the profile of successful entrepreneurial personalities.