What is a strategic personal brand plan like?

We can be owners of our personal brand, but how do we create it? How do we start working with it strategically?

I always say it. The world of work has changed forever and now with the pandemic even more so.

Professionals are the owners of our own brand and now – thanks to it and the reputation that precedes us – we can work in different places, for different brands or with multidisciplinary teams around the world in a simple way. Whether we are professionals who work for others or ourselves, it is necessary to develop your brand reputation.

The crux of the matter is precisely that: We can be owners of our personal brand, but how do we create it? How do we start working with it strategically?

I answer. It is easy. Just as you would manage the brand of a corporation. It works in the same way but at different volume levels obviously. Still, the mechanics, the development is the same.

A strategic plan for a personal brand needs you to be clear about:

1.-The objective or objectives that you have in the short, medium and long term.

2.-You need to identify the target audiences to whom you address taking into account that you will expand it as you work on your plan. The audience can and should vary as you grow.

3.-Requires you to define your message or your messages key with which you are going to ‘fall in love’ with the public you are targeting. Always think that your value is your difference. So start there. How am I different from the rest? And, what can I offer? How do I empathize? How do I generate emotional connection? Remember this. The emotional connection is key. It is the key that will open all the doors for you.

4.-Once you have everything above you have to think about the Strategy, actions What are you going to develop and through what? channels.

I tell you from now on that you always have to work from the inside out. Start first with your own communication channels.

Your social networks, your blog, website or personal description and after working on that well and differentiating yourself and making yourself visible, there you can go out and start working with media (there is nothing that increases your positioning and visibility more than that), events, conferences and any other format.

Remember what I tell you; Working in the online world is perfect but once you have done it you have to be in person on the sites and do an on-off combination. Don’t forget that personal treatment is what makes the difference and now we are at a time when we need the most human and emotional part.

5.-Analyze the results of the actions what you are undertaking and if you need to rectify it. In communication we work a lot through trial and error.

Finally, try to establish your differential value and forget the generalities to move on to specific topics. That is, try to differentiate yourself from the rest by doing something that no one else does. If you find that and repeat it and work consistently you will find your unique identity. Always do it from humility. Remember that this characteristic is the first step to get anywhere and above all enjoy the journey.