EMMS 2023: the largest online Marketing event arrives

The EMMS Digital Trends, the largest digital marketing event in Spanish, returns to train and inspire more than 55 thousand fans in Digital Marketing, who are expected in this edition.

The event, free and online, will take place from November 13 to 16, always accompanied by figures of international caliber and with new activities for attendees: practical workshops and networking rooms. Do you want to join? Reserve your place now on their website.

This edition will feature the participation of figures such as Marcos Westphalen from Google, Borja Castelar, Fernando D’Acunto from Youtube Ads, Vanesa Jackson, Rubén Gallardo, Pablo O’Hagan from Ingenia, Gladys Kali and Isabel Romero from Metricool, among others.

These speakers join important references who have been part of the event organized by Doppler throughout its 15 years of experience. Among them, the following stood out in previous editions: Neil Patel, Juan Lombana, Tim Ash, Vilma Nuñez, Juan Merodio and companies such as VTEX, Facebook, Arcos Dorados and Amazon, among many more.

EMMS Digital Trends Agenda 2023

Multiple conferences will be held for each day of the event, which will be broadcast on the EMMS Website. Among them are:
● Marcos Westphalen, Director of Google Customer Solutions for Spanish-Speaking Latin America, with a conference titled
“Transforming your Business with Artificial Intelligence.”
● Fernando D’Acunto, Sr Product Marketing Manager at YouTube Ads, with a presentation called “Designing really powerful campaigns”.
● Fernando Anzures, CEO & Founder at Exma, with a dissertation with a topic yet to be defined.
● Pablo O’Hagan, CEO & Founder of Ingenia, with “Building comprehensive digital growth strategies in 2024”.
● Humberto Barrera, CEO at Growth Hacking México, with a dissertation with a topic yet to be defined.
● Isabel Romero, Head of Marketing at Metricool, with her conference “Create a month of content for all your networks from an idea”.
● Juan Moyano, Marketing and Growth Hacker Consultant and professor at EUDE Business School, will speak on “SEO and AI, what awaits us?”
● Xavier Idevik, Marketing Director at DonDominio, will give a presentation called “Don’t condemn your brand with a bad domain name.”
● Sabina Silva, Customer Success at Genwords, presenting “Step-by-step SEO Strategy for SaaS”.

Enter the event website to see the complete agenda of EMMS Digital Trends 2023. Stay tuned as more speakers and conferences continue to be added that you will be able to discover soon.

Workshops and Networking: the plus of this year at EMMS

Doppler has surprised in this edition since, in addition to the conferences with renowned international speakers and representatives of leading companies in the industry, those attending the event will be able to access networking rooms and practical workshops by purchasing their VIP tickets.

Once the conference stage of each of the days is over, the space will be opened for these activities.

First, the Networking rooms will be enabled, an hour-long activity in which those present will receive a briefing and will be able to start conversations with colleagues from all over Latin America and Spain and representatives of leading companies. The proposal is based on providing a space to generate professional links, enrich oneself through the exchange of ideas and discuss current events in the sector.

Once the networking is finished, various practical workshops will be held simultaneously each day with renowned Marketing specialists who will share tools, techniques, advice and application cases to achieve success in all types of businesses.

Some of the workshops are:

● “Master Social Selling on LinkedIn and increase your sales”, given by Official LinkedIn Learning Instructor & Trainer Borja Castelar.
● “Personal Brand Digital Positioning”, provided by Digital Business mentor Vanesa Jackson.
● “Create a lead generation campaign on Facebook step by step”, provided by the General Director at Aprendamos Marketing Rubén Gallardo.
● “Business model for Monetization on YouTube”, provided by the Cofounder at The FigCo Laura Figueroa.
● “Create innovative content with Canva and its AI”, provided by the LATAM Country Community Manager at Canva Diego Dagnino.
● “Neurohacking techniques to stay focused and calm during a marketing campaign”, provided by Conscious Leaders Mentor, Gladys Kali.
● “The Method to get meetings with giant brands through Linkedin”, provided by the Co-founder of Regrow Juan Pablo Villani.
● “How to build a Dashboard in G4 for your E-commerce” provided by SEO and Google Analytics Expert Martín Garay.
● “Will AI put you out of a job, or will it make it easier for you?” provided by the CEO at MKT Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Experience Alejandro José
● “How we measure customer experience: NPS best practices” provided by Founder at Biclus Alejandro Parra.
● “How to Execute an SEO and Linkbuilding Strategy”, provided by Genwords Head of Operations Sabina Silva.
● “Learn how to create profitable content”, given by the CEO of Content Profit Zeke Novarino.

In the same way as the main event, each of these workshops will offer a certificate of attendance.

Enter the event website to see the complete agenda of EMMS Digital Trends 2023. Stay tuned as more speakers and conferences continue to be added that you will be able to discover soon.