MEBS, the new business school

Spain Business School, a Digital Business school, and OpenIt, a technology expert company with almost 30 years of operation, come together in MEBS to provide training, in Spanish.

Madrid Executive Business School, MEBS, which will be based in Madrid, but will provide training in 100% online, blended and face-to-face mode, starts its first edition in October 2024, with a catalog of master’s degrees aimed at technical profiles:

  • Master in Full Stack Programming, for programmers who want to create complete digital solutions.
  • Master in Cybersecurity, with which you learn to defend systems and data against cyber threats, helping to safeguard the digital world.
  • Master in Data Science, for those professionals who must make strategic decisions based on data and lead in a world driven by information.
  • Master in Data Analyst, with which students will use the tools that will allow them to unlock valuable information and make informed decisions with which to boost the success of their companies.
  • Master in Project Management, for those professionals who want to achieve success, leading projects from conception to delivery.
  • Master in Management (MIM), the key to the door to a successful career in business management. Designed in collaboration with leading global educational institutions, this program gives you a solid foundation in leadership and management, preparing you to excel in the business world.

The academic institution It arises at a key moment, in which the lack of profiles and the need for companies to incorporate them into their workforces makes it necessary to promote and accelerate technological change towards the new, more competitive and efficient model.

The teaching staff is made up of experts, of recognized prestige, in different technological, business and educational areas.

MEBS has a scholarship program, because talent should not be at odds with price. Thus, students can request them for academic excellence, income, unemployment, etc.

It also has agreements with the main national and international technology companies, in which students can carry out their internships or apply with their resumes to different vacancies.

During the course, students will participate in networking events. We already know the importance of building a network of contacts in the business world.

And they will end with a degree accredited by Qualificam, with 72 ECTS credits.

The CEO of MEBS and director of operations of OpenIT is Jose Luis Blanco and its rector Miguel Ángel B. Cedrún.