Lessons from Forrest Gump for startups

Forrest Gump is the story of a potential loser who goes out into the world and wins. If you've seen the movie you might think that Forrest has been very lucky in life. I don't share it. In life they don't give you anything. If you think that playing the lottery is the maximum effort you should make, you may have a problem.

You probably came to this post through Twitter or because you are subscribed to the blog. In that case you have an entrepreneurial profile and/or attitude and you know that luck does not exist. You have to sweat a lot. The famous phrases from the movie Forrest Gump allow you to learn a lot for the success of your startup.

It is. Being a startup entrepreneur requires a lot from you. You are the captain of the ship and your team expects you to take them to a safe port. Don't expect pats on the back. Smile when the slaps in the face come. No one is responsible for motivating you. You are here by your own choice. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Don't hesitate too much when you start your startup. Failing fast and cheap is what lets you move forward. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. He who does not dare to appear “silly” is the one who will fall by the wayside.

You don't have to be a genius to be successful. The important thing is to do what you do with passion and transmit it. Remember that you have the opportunity to live your dream even if it means you won't get much sleep.

Forrest Gump inspires you to start a business

No problem. Me at first neither. Many of us entrepreneurs who start largely have no idea what we are doing. Everything is learned, don't worry.

I am creative, I like running and I can convince people. Thanks to these three points we have come this far with Coguan. Creativity has helped me find solutions to serious and less serious problems. Running gives me the stamina to last a little longer and work a little harder when the situation requires it. Convincing has been important to surround myself with people who have supported me to get to this point. Without them I am nothing. You also take advantage of your qualities to achieve your goals.

We all have moments of tiredness. You're not Superman, you have the right to have them. Rest. Go for a run or do another type of sport. Come back later with renewed strength.

Always keep your word. You can't build a successful company if you don't do what you say. The trust It is key for the people you depend on to continue supporting you. Don't let them down.

This phrase could not be missed. Don't get lost in details of plans for the development of your start-up that will never be fulfilled. Expect the unexpected and adapt.

You are going to fall many times. A Japanese proverb says “fall down 7 and stand up 8.” Don't give up when the time comes. It is part of the path to success. It is impossible to foresee all the eventualities that you will face in the development of your startup.

The Forrest Gump concept helps you take your business to the next level. It doesn't matter what life has given you in the past. What counts is what you do in the present and what you will do in the future to paint the future with your own hands.

The movie Forrest Gump gives many lessons about the attitude necessary to set up a start-up. What is your favorite phrase? Have I forgotten any?