Inspiring concepts from Kevin Systrom, the creator of Instagram

Kevin Systrom is the man behind Instagram, one of the most used mobile social networks with an inspiring entrepreneurial story.

From rejecting a job at Facebook to being bought for $1 billion by Mark Zuckerberg’s company, a lot of water passed under the bridge, and also a lot of learning that Systrom usually shares in his conferences around the world.

We share some of his most inspiring phrases:

“I like to say that what those who were successful in changing the world have in common is that they tried.”

«It is not only what you learn, but that the context offers you incredible opportunities and contacts»

“Before, photography was treated more as an art form, now people use it to effectively express what they are going through”

“If you have had an idea, start today. There is no better time to start. This doesn’t mean you should quit your job and dedicate yourself 100 percent to your idea from day one. “It is the small progress that starts the movement.”

“I think not focusing on money makes you sensible, because in the long run it might drive you crazy.”

«Focusing on something and doing it really well can take you very far»

“Learn enough to be a threat”

“There is no next move that is perfect.”

«It’s not enough to have an idea, you have to be dangerous, you have to build it and you have to show it to the world»

“It’s not about who invented something, it’s about a format and how you get it online”

«Good products sell themselves»

«The important thing at Stanford University is not only what you learn there but the context that offers you incredible opportunities and contacts.
It also demonstrates once again the hegemony of the American technology industry. No matter how entrepreneurial you are and no matter how much creativity you have, the connections that exist in that small part of the world called “Palo Alto” ​​will always be unique. »