How do we control negative thoughts?

We are what we think. Our thoughts create our reality. After many years of experience in practical spirituality, I never tire of repeating: thoughts that persist create a state of consciousness that later has physical manifestations.

Thoughts that reappear again and again build a consciousness. These tell us how or who we are, and by repeating them we end up being what we think.

In one of the seminars that I gave around the world and that I called “Going through challenges”, I met people with different challenges that can arise at work, in their relationship or in their health. I tell everyone that they cannot afford to have a negative thought, because they automatically lower their defenses.

It is key to be present with our thoughts and know how to recognize them. If the majority are negative, you have to work to neutralize them.

One of the ways to achieve this is through positive affirmations. These are phrases that have a very strong power that can be repeated every time negative thoughts arise. The idea is to do it 30 times. And if you can add some positive emotional charge to that phrase, the better, because that weakens or at least neutralizes the negative thought.

One can create their own positive phrase that can be “I do not allow myself room for excuses, I am functioning at a high level of excellence”either “I am leading my life with love and peace”. These phrases have to be repeated many times and that is when the brain begins to listen positively. If this statement is linked to an emotion, it is amplified and the negative side is reduced. In this way, it totally changes the focus of our lives.

Another way to avoid entering into negative thoughts is to adopt a neutral attitude, that is, without emotional charge. This is a state of observation. After practicing this for a long time, one realizes that, by removing the emotional charge from many situations and thoughts, life changes completely.

The important thing is to know that it is always possible to master negative thoughts, you should not get discouraged. One can control them through positive affirmations that, over time, have an effect on the way we look and feel. Another way to master them is by recognizing what is negative that affects us and learning to eliminate the emotional charge that enhances it. In this way we prevent thoughts from playing tricks on us in our lives.

One of the most important issues today is how we manage our energy. It is important to disconnect when we realize that we start to have low energy. The most important thing is to be present, for example, many times we start with a negative call and we get hooked on that situation and our energy automatically drops.

How do we connect with our energy automatically and be fully aligned with it? It’s simple, when we get up in the morning we have to be grateful for everything we have, there are two or three minutes in which one can be grateful for the family one has, the job, the health. You have to do it and believe it. Then put on good music, good power to raise the energy. The important thing is to be able to disconnect a little from the situations that discourage us to raise our energy.

Daily stress leads us to a survival energy: paying the bills, being in a bad mood, fighting with different problems every day. But we have to take the time to reconnect with our energy and put it to the maximum, because when we do we put ourselves in a state of creativity, with new ideas with which we can solve differently, infect others and that is when good things happen.