Diluu: the entrepreneurial idea that teaches Spanish around the world

The young woman from Madrid, Lucía Marín, founder and CEO of Diluu, tells us her story

I didn’t always have Of course, entrepreneurship was my path, but life led me to teach fun Spanish classes to children in schools and nurseries in London in 2019. However, the arrival of the pandemic meant an unexpected turn.

The adaptation was essential and we changed our business model towards online classes for children from Spanish-speaking families, where we detected a demand and a need.

Despite initial challenges, we managed to expand our audience and adapt our methodology, covering not only children in London.

This is how Diluu was born and this adventure began that has led us in just two years to be present with our Spanish classes in 50 countries with nearly thirty teachers who teach lessons from all over the world. An online school project with which we have empowered more than 3,000 children to embrace the cultural diversity we call bilingual parenting.

In the last year, we have gone from 10,000 to 40,000 classes, with a growth in turnover of 70% and presence especially in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.

The injection of Investment has been essential to promote our startup that carries Spanish as its flag in all corners of the world. In April 2023, in a first round of external financing, we received 150,000 euros from a very special investor: the Mexican mother of two of our students who live in Germany.

And we are looking for new rounds of financing.

Our growth will also be marked by the incorporation of new languages ​​to the project such as French, Chinese and Arabic. With this expansion, even more boys and girls will have the opportunity to explore new cultures, laying the foundation for a more interconnected world.

The dynamic approach we take with Diluu not only cultivates linguistic competence, but also fosters a genuine love of learning, empowering children to embrace their heritage language with enthusiasm.