Cisco – Hitachi Vantara Alliance

The strategic alliance between both market players allows Hitachi’s EverFlex, with Hybrid Cloud Powered by Cisco, to address critical challenges in the adoption of the Cloud as a digital storage technology, focusing on cost optimization, flexibility and security.

The joint offering, EverFlex from Hitachi with Hybrid Cloud powered by Cisco, is unique as it integrates automation and predictive analytics solutions to provide organizations with a future-ready product portfolio of advanced infrastructure management, cost efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Meanwhile, companies increasingly depend on Hybrid Cloud environments to modernize their current infrastructure, they also face tight budgets, higher costs and a high demand for innovation.

A A recent study indicates that these factors have driven more than 70% of global leaders to adopt consumption-based models, such as IT as a Service (ITaaS) to help them combat the constant problems of modernization: a trend which is expected to increase.

According to GartnerĀ®, towards By 2028, consumption-based Storage as a Service (STaaS) will replace nearly 35% of enterprise storage capex, up from less than 10% in 2023.

The portfolio includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), STaaS, Containerized data protection as a Service (CaaS), managed operations services, professional services and learning services, among others.