7 secrets to be an all-terrain motivator

After years of training and continuous practice, Daniel Colombo shares his 7 secrets to being an effective motivator.

To lead teams in companies and organizations of any kind, one of the main excluding conditions in today's world is having the skills to inspire and motivate others.

Like all behaviors of human beings, motivation comes from a deep personal choice that is fundamentally based on the attitude to face life on all its levels. To achieve this, you don't need to be a superhero.

In simple terms there are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. The first is essential to keep you with a high spirit, motivation, cooperation, understanding, optimistic vision and an intelligent positive attitude. The extrinsic is typical of people without initiative, who need to be constantly stimulated from outside. It also includes all the resources you can use to motivate yourself.

Can you be motivated all the time? The answer is yes”. It depends on the attitude of altitude with which you approach your daily life, with the problems and challenges inherent to the human condition.

It is important to distinguish motivation from euphoria: many people think they are the same. The truth is that maintaining a euphoric attitude at all costs can lead to serious damage on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. However, motivation is inherent to human beings.

Think, for example, of children in their early years. They love to play and have fun; be surprised, discover new things, they are open and receptive and take every moment as an adventure. The same thing can be emulated, as adults, if you train enough.

Mastering your emotions and your mind are essential to achieve this. Start small by recognizing your limiting thoughts. Replace them with stimulating attitudes, and in a short time, you will be able to maintain a permanent and natural state of motivation, without euphoria.

I call this conscious enthusiasm, and I definitely assure you that it is the best thing you can achieve to live life more fully.

I want to reveal to you my 7 secrets to be an all-round motivator. I must confess that it has taken me a long time of training and continued practice. I have been living in this consciousness for more than 25 years, from where it is more fluid to build relationships, businesses, abundance, projects, and live ready for the synchronicity of life.

One of the main characteristics of motivators is to maintain energetic performance without being domineering. They are strong leaders, with the sensitivity necessary to adapt to situations. dynamic in permanent movement, without losing focus. It is common for them to practice some sporting activity at their own pace, for example, walking, playing with friends, cycling or spending time in the gym to release tension and balance their natural power to lead others, and balance the planes of life. . For example, when they shake hands they do it with force, making that contact with the other person felt; and they connect much more quickly with practically all types of people.

People need to be recognized, and the motivator spends a lot of time highlighting the positive aspects. Even when he makes observations to others, he does not focus on things that were done wrong, but instead inspires and challenges from a place of simplicity with simple questions, such as “What could we have done better?” An essential characteristic is to match the rhythm of other people. He is not afraid to highlight achievements, and does not assume them as his own. He seeks to involve people from the best possible place, and he does so in the present tense: he does not let things pass to assume them completely.

Part of the success of motivation is in eye contact, as well as in all body language. The look provides instant connection. Regardless of whether others divert theirs, the motivator focuses on the depths of the human being, and, from there, begins to build what is needed at each moment. Not fearing eye contact is what distinguishes them from the vast majority of people, who tend to be shy in this regard. Without intimidating, he allows the other to also approach with his gaze, and overcomes obstacles one by one. He is a great breaker of human barriers.

Have you noticed that highly motivated people naturally stand out and impose themselves? Even if they are very short, they do not go unnoticed. There is something that emanates from their personal energy that makes them more luminous. Revealing some secrets, people with motivational skills use some features of non-verbal communication to strengthen them. The superhero posture, with arms akimbo and torso upright; the chin slightly oriented upward without signifying arrogance, and a genuine smile are three of the natural tools. Support his ideas with your hands. He knows that 55% of human communication is gestural; 38% respond to tone of voice, and only 7% are words. That's why take advantage of these proportions to exercise your skills at all times.

The motivator is focused on inspiring others and overcoming obstacles. He seems invincible, although he is not. He has his moments of withdrawal and reflection, to recharge energy and return to the ring. When he needs to correct mistakes, he awakens curiosity in others, and gives them enough power to unleash their own potential. It is usual for him to provide examples about the case in question, although he will rarely say how they should do it. Thus, he manages to empower others to look for the best alternatives.

This trait of the motivator is extremely important, since not all people can keep up with his energetic and determined pace. Therefore, he knows how to contemplate differences in personality and behavior. He knows how to wait. In a work team, approximately 35% of people learn quickly, and the other 65% have other processing time. The motivating leader accompanies both teams, and even seeks to encourage them to support each other. He sets limits and deadlines, and evaluates the results. While he considers the imponderables, he looks to himself and others to focus on what needs to be done.

Without caring what others think, he has learned through practice that learning is done by actively experimenting. It proposes different dynamics; It establishes work routines that are out of the ordinary, and opens feedback spaces for its collaborators to tell them how they can improve. That is why the motivator is followed with attention and enthusiasm, two essential qualities to have concrete results in any aspect. Attention goes hand in hand with focus; and enthusiasm is the fuel of well-being and happiness.

If you take on this challenge, magic will be present in your life; and I'm not talking about a trick: it is tangible, real, and will allow you to enjoy every moment of life much more, while still going through challenging moments. The difference is that you will do it from another superior and more optimistic perspective.