When undertaking, it is necessary to turn a deaf ear

For a business to develop, among many other factors, it is necessary to learn when to know how to listen and when to turn deaf.

We could say that the development of a business is similar to that of living beings. You have to feel the desire to create something new and before giving birth to it, you have to feed it, take care of it, dream of the life we ​​want for the new being (startup), create the conditions to create it, think about what we need for it to become what it is. what we expect, etc.

A startup is that longed-for child.

And let's tell the truth, would we have or stop having children based on each other's opinion? Would we clothe him, educate him, feed him according to what others tell us?

I didn't do it with my children, I don't think any of you in your right mind would allow it either.

The same thing happens with your startup. Many people will want to tell you what to do, how and when to do it. We can't stop them from doing it, but we can turn a deaf ear and pay attention to ourselves. It doesn't matter if they are your calculations, measurements, strategies, hunches or intuitions. They are yours and they are the first ones to listen to.

It is learning to prioritize yourself, strengthening self-esteem and having the opportunity to learn from your own successes and mistakes.

Harry Houdini already said it: “What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes”

Playing deaf is neither arrogance nor a lack of humility. The convinced entrepreneur recognizes that he needs to learn from his more experienced peers. And that's where the skill of knowing how to listen comes in.

We are going to ask a colleague's opinion, talk to the competition, seek mentoring, ask those who know. It is always necessary because we are not infallible or perfect; The markets are hyperdynamic and there are always unprecedented situations that test us.

Knowing how to listen is as important as pretending to be deaf. They are two sides of the same coin. On one side, those we turn to give their opinion and on the other side, the chatter of well-intentioned and envious people accumulates whose opinion we never ask.

«In a village, one day a big competition was organized. Fifty 10-meter-high smooth wooden masts were installed and soaped. Participants had to climb to the top, lifting an additional load equivalent to each individual's weight.

Seeing the difficulty of the test, the villagers looked at the participants and commented loudly: 'That is impossible, no one can achieve it, they will not exceed two meters'.

As the candidates desperately tried to climb the pole and failed to rise, the public's affirmations grew: 'No one is going to get it, this test is impossible'.

Quickly, most participants stopped trying. Only a dozen managed to lift themselves a little with their heavy load along the slippery mast.

Seeing the tremendous effort of those who followed, the public spoke again. “They have barely gained ground. They are getting tired for nothing. These masts are too long. Nobody can get it”.

Within a few minutes, almost all the candidates became discouraged and dropped out. There is only one competitor left. Under the astonished gaze of the public, a small man advanced little by little and with great effort towards the top.

When he reached the halfway point, showing great fatigue, the spectators commented: 'He has proven to be brave. What a shame it's not going to be of any use to you. He is already very tired. He should quit now. Better to give up now than when he is totally exhausted and risks falling and hurting himself.'.

But the man continued, and after a tremendous sacrifice, he managed to reach the top of the mast. He took the flag that represented his achievement and let it slide down.

Immediately the crowd surrounded him and asked him: 'How have you done it?'

The man did not respond. He was deaf »

Happy week, happy endeavors, happy life to all.

Marcelo Berenstein

(email protected)