The five types of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a quality that is within us and that not everyone has developed. It is like a muscle that atrophies if it is not exercised. Even so, those who leave with their own business do so for different motivations.

And of course, as expected, not everyone carries out their projects in the same way, since the entrepreneur, like everything in this life, has a thousand variants that depend on as many conditions. Hence this time we are going to see the five types of most common entrepreneurs. Do you identify with any?

This type of entrepreneur is very common, and usually occurs when going through a bad work or family situation. Generally, they are people who for one reason or another have had some type of economic or work-related problem, so they need to get ahead at whatever cost; in many cases with family responsibilities behind them.

This is a type of entrepreneur who tends to set up small and easily adaptable projects. It happens a lot in the world of hospitality with those who set up bars, in bakeries, in small neighborhood stores and in similar companies. The bad part of the matter is that many times these people lack the necessary knowledge to carry out the project properly, so the failure rate is very high.

This figure of entrepreneur does not usually have the urgent need to have to undertake a business to survive, but rather does it to improve when he finds himself stuck or frustrated with his current employment relationship. They are people who generally undertake matters similar to those they have carried out in their working life, so they know first-hand how the sector works.

These types of entrepreneurs usually have a very high success rate, because they know what the matter is about, and therefore they know well how to get into the market. Now, it is also true that they do not usually focus on matters outside their profession, so they can fail if they do not pay attention to issues such as marketing. And it’s of little use to be an expert with accounting if you don’t sell yourself to others, right? They generally have a university or technical profile.

“Entrepreneurship is cool”. In that phrase you could summarize the reasons why some people start a business, without further ado. And what can we say about those who do it directly because they consider that due to their training or “position” they are not the ones to have superiors – I have known some cases. They are people who generally belong to a high socioeconomic stratum, so a possible failure usually does not worry them too much.

These types of entrepreneurs are the worst, because they do not have the skills, ethics, experience and education necessary to be in the business world. They are not usually 100% involved, they have no problem closing if something happens, leaving the employees aside; They don’t pay attention to problems as long as the public image is good.

Has it ever happened to you that something has come to mind that could have a good market? Most likely they let it go, right? Well, there are people who do not waste the opportunity and decide to make a living to carry out the project. They have a high failure rate, because sometimes everything is done “crazily”; But yes, when they succeed everyone ends up saying “he was lucky”. And no, what he had was courage.

This type of entrepreneur, as I said, is one of those with the highest failure rate; But when that enthusiasm is well channeled, things change, and a lot moreover; becoming one of the best examples of entrepreneurs.

It’s not that frequent, but it happens. It is based on the typical case of someone who does a certain thing without expecting much about it and achieves unexpected success that causes him to establish a company. Examples of this type of entrepreneur can be many bloggers, inventors or writers.

These are the five types of known entrepreneurs. If you know others, tell us, okay?