The black door of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have to make a decision with the “black door” because everything they want is on the other side of their fears.

If 1% of the ideas orbiting in the heads of the world’s inhabitants were implemented, the planet would be very different. In the same way, if all the people who think about starting a business did so, today we would have an overabundance of companies. However, the reality is that not even 0.000001% of the ideas crystallize and neither do the dream of owning a business come true, 99% of those who want to start a business


There are as many reasons not to start a business as there are people who don’t do it, however, most excuses have fear as a common denominator.

We do not have to avoid fear or fight too hard to defeat it because both tasks are titanic and unlikely to be successful. It is more effective to first recognize it and then manage it; In this way, it stops being a stumbling block and becomes a powerful fuel. It is not a utopia, but a decision that entrepreneurs must make because facing fears is difficult, but it is worse to be dominated by them your entire life.

A few years ago, on my first trip to India, a spiritual teacher taught me that on the spiritual path, doubt allows you to advance and fear prevents you. Doubting leads us to investigate, to seek answers and find solutions. Fear, on the other hand, paralyzes.

Entrepreneurs must understand that something similar happens in business. Without a doubt, you will find alternatives, but if fear dominates you, you will not take a quarter step. Therefore, reality shows us that those who succeed are not always the most prepared, nor the best graduates, but rather those who have a more risky attitude, those who dare, those who face their fears, those who do not mind falling because They know that each blow can become a step to heaven.

Many of our fears are imaginary. Only when we confront them do they disappear. Don’t let your imagination get out of control and take the place of reality.

It is said that everything we long for is found on the other side of fear. I leave you this story that illustrates well how fear works and how much we entrepreneurs can gain by facing it:

«Once upon a time in a very far away country there was a king who was very controversial for his actions.

He took the prisoners of war and took them to a huge room. The prisoners were placed in large rows in the center of the room and the king shouted telling them:

-I’m going to give you a chance, look at the corner on the right side of the room.

When doing this, the prisoners saw some soldiers armed with bows and arrows, ready for any action.

-Now, -the king continued-, look towards the corner on the left side.

When doing this, all the prisoners noticed that there was a horrible and grotesque black door, Dantesque in appearance, human skulls served as decoration, and the handle to open it was the hand of a corpse. Truly something truly horrible, just to imagine, much more to see.

The king stood in the center of the room and shouted:

– Now choose, what do you want? Die nailed by arrows or quickly open that black door while I leave them locked there? Now decide, you have free will, choose.

All the prisoners had the same behavior: when making the decision, they arrived near the horrific black door more than four meters high, looked at the corpses, the human blood and the skeletons with written legends such as: “Long live death”, and they decided:

-«I prefer to die crossed by dates.»

One by one, they all acted in the same way, they looked at the black door and the archers of death and said to the king:

– «I prefer to be pierced by arrows than to open that door and stay locked in.»

Thousands opted for what they were seeing others doing: choosing death by arrows.

One day, the war ended. After some time, one of the soldiers from the “arrow platoon” was sweeping the huge room when the king appeared. The soldier, with all reverence and a little fear, asked:

– «You know, great king, I always had a curiosity, do not be angry with my question, but what is behind that black door?»

The king replied:

– «Well, go and open that black door.»

The soldier, fearful, cautiously opened the door and felt a pure ray of sunlight kiss the floor of the enormous room. He opened the door a little more and more light and a delicious green aroma filled the place.

The soldier noticed that the black door opened onto a field that pointed to a large road. It was there that the soldier realized that the black door led to freedom.

Happy week, happy endeavors, happy life to all.

Marcelo Berenstein

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