Impact Social Cup, the first competition for responsible entrepreneurs

Created to promote the SDGs in a new and entertaining way, sixteen companies will compete this year to win the award for the best Spanish social impact project. The objective? Create a more humane and sustainable world

Our world needs future generations to be led by leaders with great values, extraordinary social spirit and great humanity. That is why we created Impact Social Cup, an innovative competition that unites the entire positive impact ecosystem, to promote social entrepreneurship and walk towards a sustainable, inspiring and exciting future.”explains Tomas Garnelo, founder and CEO of the first social entrepreneurship cup, which next September will distribute 100,000 euros in prizes among the best social innovation projects.

That will happen in its final phase, but the ‘champions’ of entrepreneurship starts this week with the opening of the registration period, in a call to which all companies, foundations, startups and entrepreneurs committed to the Sustainable Development Goals are called. create a better world, putting their talent at the service of people’s well-being.

They will be able to compete in one of the eight proposed sectors – health and well-being, artistic and cultural, education and training, energy and industry, leisure and entertainment, sports, investments and finance, and global.

In the final phase, 16 selected players will compete in person, two per sector, to be among the 8 finalists and, finally, among the 4 winners, who will share the grand prize in this way: €40,000 for the winner; €30,000 for the runner-up, and €20,000 and €10,000 for the third and fourth places.

The final will be at La Nave, a reference innovation center in Madrid, on September 20 and 21 and with access allowed to the public, proposing a spectacular performance & pitch format unprecedented until now. And as the best guarantee, the competition will be mediated by prestigious referees from the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to ensure maximum quality and rigor.

In addition to the undeniable benefits for the participants, especially the visibility, promotion and even the implementation of their projects, the competition is based on important values ​​such as “effort, healthy competition, improvement, camaraderie, creativity and the desire to transform society.”, as recognized by Ángel Niño, delegate councilor for innovation and entrepreneurship of the Madrid council who, together with El Corte Inglés and Iberdrola, make up the important pool of sponsors.

Precisely Mónica Oviedo, responsible for sustainable development and Agenda 2030 of the main Spanish electricity company, believes that “ISC arrives at a very opportune time to accelerate projects that not only have a high innovative component, but also have a relevant social impact. We trust that the initiative will reach all the projects that are already born with the aim of complying with the SDGs, in order to maximize the impact of the call.”.

Likewise, the project has the support of a large number of ambassadors and leaders of positive impact, who will be present promoting and contributing to the competition, such as the influencer María Galán (Babies Ugand), the naturalist and explorer Nacho Dean, the European champion surfer Guillermo Carracedo, the president of Lideremos Tomás Güell or Guillermina Mekuy, founder of Diversity & Development. And as relevant collaborating firms, Kia, Teamlabs, Sicor, Gelify, Ceaje, Jobandtalent, Ayúdame 3D, Insurtech Community Porque Bclever will have an important participation in the event.

Finally, Impact Social Cup not only aims to become the most important Spanish entrepreneurship event; It also seeks to be a great celebration, so it will integrate numerous recreational elements.

Thus, in addition to a perfect networking space to meet and learn from the best success stories in social sustainability through conferences and presentations by great leaders and references that will inspire all attendees, activities and games will be developed to promote the SDGs in the company in a fun, easy and effective way.

And, of course, because life with good music and in company tastes better, the event will offer a 360º experience where great artists and renowned chefs will come together for the same cause, making this planet a better environment.