Financial planning: We propose a review to be prepared

We all have a plana project and we try to protect it and even more so if it includes a family.

We all have a car. Let's think about the things that happen and do about them. From the design they are designed to be as safe as possible (Materials, spare wheel, deformable structure, cameras, airbags, etc.)

We also added additional items, such as the anti-vandal plate, wheel lock, and by law we have to have a valid fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and beacons, and to move it we have to take a compulsory insurance against third partiesin addition to having VTV to circulate (maintenance).

Close your eyes for a moment and review the amount of forecasts and Security elements (mandatory and alternative) that revolve around a material good.

How is our level of foresight and protection? How much do we know about the scope of the coverage we have contracted? How long has it been since we reviewed them? Who do we do the review with?

It's just a reflection simple and graphic of a reality that I encounter in my review interviews.

Stop to check the tire pressure, the condition of the brake pads, the lights, do the maintenance, since, on the most important trip of your life, your project is the most important thing.

And that is what we dedicate ourselves to, that is what our activity consists of; We are the mechanic but not for his car but for HER PROJECT.

So that they travel more calmly and are prepared


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