Entrepreneurs and coherence

Coherence is the basis of everything we aim to build solidly in our lives.

A few years ago I participated in a seminar on Education and Technology in which Dr. Art Ong Jumsai, a former leader of NASA, spoke. He explained to us that in a state-of-the-art ship, advanced technological equipment is as important as bolts. that fix the tail.

Taking this example to everyday life, we can assure that in a society, the president is as important as the last of the citizens.

To put it even more finely, this means that the human being reaches his splendor when he lives with coherence between what he thinks, what he says and what he does. The reality is that the majority of the inhabitants think one thing, say another and do a third.

If we expect change to come from the top down or from the outside in, it's like expecting watermelons to float in the sea. The transformation that lasts and transcends is the one that occurs internally and emerges; It is what radiates and inspires. That transformation begins with oneself. Starting to think with reason and not with your pocketbook can be a valuable start to changing the state of things.

The great criticism that business, social or religious icons usually receive is their ability to remain leaders worthy of being imitated and followed, despite having stories and facts that would make the person unworthy and that therefore lead them to lose their dignity. credibility they enjoyed and suddenly become an anathema that no one even wants to name.

“I have taken on my shoulders the monopoly of improving only one person, that person is myself and I know how difficult it is to achieve it.”

Happy week, happy endeavors, happy life to all.

Marcelo Berenstein
(email protected)