EMMS E-commerce 2024: The largest event in Latam and Spain arrives that seeks to revolutionize the way of doing business

A new edition of the renowned online marketing meeting is approaching. This 2024 he returns to continue adding outstanding professionals to his agenda and share the knowledge of those who lead the industry. It will take place on May 2 and 3, 100% free, with prior registration.

The EMMS, the renowned Spanish-speaking online marketing meeting, will have a new edition this year that will take place on May 2 and 3, 100% free with prior registration.

The event can be seen live online on May 2 and 3 from the site and 100% free with prior registration. International E-commerce leaders will tell you what trends and strategies they use to attract new customers and increase their income.

It is a day of meeting and exchange of knowledge since managers, CEOs and CMOs of important companies, professionals and students from the world of Marketing, entrepreneurs, SMEs and companies from different industries will attend.

He EMMS has an outstanding track record with 16 editions held consecutively and more than 300,000 people have already been trained through presentations, workshops, success stories and other resources shared at the event year after year. In addition, it was Trending Topic in 8 countries and more than 40 cities for 4 consecutive years.

This edition will feature conferences from:

Sebastian Moglia Claps: Country Manager & Partner in Shake Again. He has a long history in digital marketing and e-commerce. On this occasion she will give a conference about: Growth Marketing and how to apply it successfully in your company.

Macarena Riva: CEO of Marea Brands. Brand growth specialist
E-commerce will speak about Power of storytelling for E-commerce.

Camila Aquino: Growth Marketing Lead at Solu. He will talk about how Farmalife increased its Email Marketing conversion by 100%.

Julian Larrea: CMO in Loadingplay – Business of the Future Podcast Host. He will give a lecture on 5 things I learned from the E-commerce that sells the most.

Francisco Chavez: Head of Ecommerce at Cervexxa.mx. It will explain how Subscription strategies can enhance loyalty and profitability in an E-commerce.

These are just some of the Speakers who will offer Conferences.

Additionally, there will be a Debate Table where the Most notable Chambers of Commerce in LATAMsuch as CACE, CAPECE, the Internet Association of Mexico and the Chilean Chamber of Commerce.

During this session, the most prominent leaders in the region will exchange ideas on E-commerce trends for 2024.

As for the practical workshops that can be accessed, the agenda is as follows:

  • Juan Vaz: CEO at GoPersonal. Will provide a practical workshop on Hyperpersonalization in E-commerce with AI.
  • Monica Franco: Senior Media Buyer & Ads Specialist. will share 5 successful strategies in Meta ads for E-commerce.
  • Marc Cruells: SEO and E-commerce consultant. He will speak on practices to optimize the SEO of your E-commerce.
  • Miguel Rodriguez: CEO & founder at SEO Agency in Mexico. will provide the SEO keys for a successful online store.
  • Martin Gelpi: Digital Sales Manager at Relck.com. Will give a practical workshop onScarcity marketing in E-commerce.
  • Laura Barreto and Luis Perez: Doppler SMB Manager and LB Manager specialists. They will teach How to multiply your store's income on high sales volume dates.

To find out more information about who will be speaking and news about the event, you can see them at the event agenda.