50 things money can’t buy

This article originally published in INC magazine talks about Frank Sonnenberg’s new book where, among other topics, he lists a series of things that money cannot buy

Books entertain us, teach us, and sometimes dazzle us, but it’s rare to find a book that can truly change your life. Follow your conscienceis the new work of Frank Sonnenberg.

In the book, the author provides advice for improving your relationships, strengthening your career, and finding purpose in life. He addresses questions such as: How do you build trust and credibility? How can you improve reputation? and How can you achieve better balance in life?

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1. Respect.

2. Well-adjusted children.

3. Work-life balance.

4. Natural beauty.

5. Manners.

6. Common sense.

7. A clear conscience.

8. The purpose of life.

9. Integrity.

10. Good friends.

11. A long life.

12. A united family.

13. An open mind.

14. A day without worries.

15. Trust.

16. A new beginning.

17. Clean arteries

18. A great idea.

19. An honest politician.

20. Peace of mind.

21. Get up on the right foot.

22. Patience.

23. Luck.

24. A good epitaph.

25. Happy memories.

26. Time to relax.

27. A great work ethic.

28. A positive attitude.

29. A happy home.

30. Everything you could want.

31. Good Karma.

32. Appreciate simple things.

33. True love.

34. A new opportunity for a missed opportunity.

35. Peace in the world.

36. Celebrate 50.

37. Talent.

38. A second chance at life.

39. Quality time with your children.

40. Wisdom.

41. Happiness.

42. Humility.

43. A good reputation.

44. A 25-hour day.

45. The relationship with your children.

46. ​​Youth.

47. The class.

48. Justice.

49. A proper perspective.

50. Selflessness.