13 lessons from Noah's Ark for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs always try to find lessons everywhere. Historical events, books, movies, real life events or, as in this case, a biblical story, such as Noah's Ark.


It is important to be punctual for the appointment and not arrive after the scheduled departure time. When you want to start something, there will be many people who will tell you not to do it, when they see that they can't stop you, they will tell you how you have to do it, and when they finally see that you have achieved it, they will say that they always believed in you. If you listen to them, they will make you miss the opportunity.

Unity in diversity

We are all different, but we are in the same boat. When something benefits a few, in reality it benefits absolutely no one in the long run.

Plan for the future

When Noah began to build the Ark it was not raining. The entrepreneurs who change history are those who know how to see ahead and build the future.

The real age is inside you

It doesn't matter if your environment thinks you're old enough to start a business or tells you that at your age you can no longer do anything big that's worthwhile. We always have time to do really big.

To criticism, deaf ears

Don't pay much attention to the criticizers, just get on with the work you have to do, until you have finished it.


Everything you do and build makes sure it is of good quality. It doesn't matter if you're not professional or don't know much. You can always learn and improve


Entrepreneurship is a journey that is not taken alone; Look for a team that is truly related to you. Whether in a work team or a couple, the objective and vision are shared to motivate each other and continue walking towards the Ark. Great things are done by great human teams.


If you feel that your progress is slow, do not despair because the important thing is perseverance. Turtles were on board, as well as gazelles.


Although at first you feel alone and receive ridicule, in the long run it pays off to choose the right path and goals.

Wisdom before knowledge

Do not despise the efforts that simple people make. The Ark was built by amateurs and the Titanic by professionals.

Commitment to make a difference

If you don't commit to building the Ark to be able to climb onto it, you will just be one of the animals.

One team, one goal

A team and its members should only build a single Ark, not everyone building their own, just because they didn't like something.


No matter how big the storm you are in, if you remain in faith there will always be a rainbow waiting for you.