12 characteristics of the entrepreneur that will make you rethink the future

An entrepreneur creates, dreams, projects, believes, grows and takes the reins of his destiny. These characteristics of the entrepreneur are what makes them so happy.

Be an entrepreneur or… What is the alternative?

Back to study? Get another job? …Think about the wealthiest person you know, not someone famous, but someone who is in your circles, someone you have had dinner with.

Normally he is the person that everyone talks about when he is not there, think about that person.

Does that person have a job or is they an entrepreneur?

When we grow up they tell us to go to college and get good grades and then everything will be fine.

Why do you want me to go to college and spend all of mom and dad’s money? Could it be that the university became a business?

Why can’t I do university in 1 and a half years? I will never use physics or chemistry, my business has nothing to do with it, why do you spend 3 months of my life teaching me? We have to start questioning these things.

They are not created by big companies, they are not created by the government. They have been created by entrepreneurs since 1995.

When was the last time you heard a politician say that we need more entrepreneurs? Or tell the people “Please start reading these 5 books on how to start a business and how to manage your finances”?

Why don’t they say it? Educate us and we will be free.

What is the #1 reason most of us don’t start a business?

We are afraid, “I never did it before”, “I can’t do it”, “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t have the education”, “I don’t have support”, “I don’t have an idea”, “I do not know how to do it”.


There are 2 types of reasons.

Control our time


Tax benefits

Family business


Buy a good car

Big house

Be your own boss

Whether we are young, old, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, women, men, each of the actions we take, everything we do is intended to achieve a single final feeling that we all aim for.

The word most used in books published after the great financial crises is Happy.

Do you know why alcoholic beverage commercials are so successful? “oh, when you drink you’re happy spending time with single girls, I’m so happy when I drink beer”… for 30 minutes.

Do you know why the drug business is so good? When you smoke “oh, you are so happy.” You take this pill, you get a massage and “oh, it feels so good.” You snort this thing and feel like superman… for 5 minutes. Everything says happy, happy, happy.

I decided to judge happiness by how long it lasts. Everything we mentioned lasts very little. The greatest and most lasting feelings of happiness are natural. Each one of them.

Do you know lazy people? Do you know why this happens? It’s a pretty simple investigation: a boring life.

When you watch a boring movie, you fall asleep. If your life is boring you fall asleep. If your life doesn’t have enough action, you don’t have enough energy.

Let me tell you what causes it.

Create: People who have stopped creating are bitter, people who continually create are happy. If you know someone who is depressed, make a list of things they have created and see.

Community: we need to be part of a community, otherwise we feel isolated.

Sense of belonging: “that MY son”, “that is MY wife”, “that MY husband”, “that MY car”, “that is MY country”. We long for a sense of belonging to other people or objects in whom we see our values ​​and customs reflected.

It’s what an entrepreneur does all the time. They create, they are part of a community, and they own a business. That’s why they are so happy.

Go to entrepreneurial events and you will see the difference.

And that’s why most people who have a job don’t feel that way. Because they are just taking orders, they are just doing a normal job, and it just doesn’t satisfy us.

You know you are an entrepreneur if you meet any of these characteristics:

You are restless and no achievement seems good enough.

You’re a control freak.

You have a love-hate relationship with money.

You are the black sheep of the family, and perhaps you have dropped out of school.

People think you’re crazy.

You are “introverted but…”

Answer these questions:

Do you like sports? Are you competitive?

Do you have expensive tastes? Do you prefer iPhone or iFone, do you prefer Nike or Mike?

Do you have a strong work ethic?

Did you sell anything as a child? Lemonade, washing cars, mowing the lawn?

You are so curious? Did this ever come to your attention as a child? With family and friends it may not be so good, but it is very good for business.

Are you shameless? Do you care very little what others may say?

Tell us in the comments which of these characteristics you identified with.

You know how many people I’ve seen say “that person would be a great entrepreneur,” but they’ll probably never find out because they’ll never try.

That drives me crazy. I see someone and think, “Does this person realize what an incredible entrepreneur they could be?” but he is afraid of not achieving it.