What is the idea of ​​two friends that will forever change the way they buy a car?

Buying a car is not what it used to be. Technology today completely crosses the sales experience and those who use digital tools to their advantage can make a big difference in the business.

For better or worse, technology generated a need for immediacy in the consumer, and to help dealers adapt to that, Redoo emerged.

Founded in 2022 by Víctor Moure and Gastón García, Redoo is a digital solution for the automotive industry. The entrepreneurs, with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, met when they worked at Iveco.

Moure – industrial engineer – and García – business administrator – began with an automation project for a client and, little by little, they scaled the business until today, who work with 40 dealerships and process 260,000 WhatsApp messages per month.

To give life to the venture, they invested US$150,000 out of their own pockets and their value proposition is based on helping firms leave analog processes behind and convert them into useful data for making decisions.

A differential of Redoo is that both founders understand the automotive industry first-hand and speak the same language as dealers, which allowed them to develop a niche solution that solves some of the sector's great pains.

“Beyond the integration of some digital tools, the reality is that the processes are still analog because the relationship with the client is not rethought, but rather the same thing continues to be done, but with some management system or a CRM”, says Moure. That reality was what led him to think about how technology could be injected into the industry to truly revolutionize it.

Furthermore, the commercial dynamics of new generations demand increasingly digital interactions. “Today the client demands that you respond in less than an hour. “All these types of situations change the consumption paradigm,” explains the entrepreneur.

From Redoo they detected that 30% of interactions with customers happen outside the customer service window, making automation a key ally for the business.

The Redoo platform, then, allows you to provide an immediate response, regardless of the day and time, for automatable tasks such as making an appointment, informing about a product or knowing a price.

“We saw firsthand the dissatisfaction of people who could not schedule a maintenance appointment for their car, and countless cases where they did not answer the phone. That experience led us to create a solution. “We asked ourselves how we could make the process more efficient.”says Moure.

Today they work with the main dealerships in Argentina that represent brands such as Toyota, Chevrolet, Renault, Volkswagen, Nissan or Iveco. And as a milestone, more than 20% of the Toyota dealer network chooses its solution to be more efficient and improve their customers' experience when choosing a car.

Its team of specialists developed a series of robots that allow all types of interactions or data readings from the application of this technology. Today, for example, they have developed data reading algorithms that allow images or documents to be read, interpreted with artificial intelligence and conclusions drawn.

Starting a business in Argentina is a challenge. Moure and García knew how to face the volatility of the market and the challenge of achieving business sustainability. Despite this, Redoo demonstrated its ability to adapt and evolve, and even expand into other industries, such as the human resources sector. They are even already working on a development for YPF Gas Distributors that consists of a robot that sells, dispatches and invoices gas bottles.

“Innovating in a segment where there was no such industry-oriented solution implies a change in direction. How do we break with that direction? Trying to have a high quality product at a cost that does not imply an expense, but rather an investment, with a mission of return”mentions Moure.

The company, which already invoices more than $20 million per month, is now developing artificial intelligence that has the ability to diagnose repairs. It is a robot that can be consulted a fault code and responds how to repair that car. “This democratizes the structure of a dealership, where that knowledge does not depend on the people, but on whoever executes it”adds the founder.

In the future, the startup plans to continue growing in the number of interactions and is encouraged to even think about transcending borders. In 2024 they began working in Ecuador and are in the process of entering Chile and Mexico.