What is the entrepreneur's motivation?

A description of the entrepreneur with a single definition is a mistake as big as life itself. Each human being is unique, no two are alike, although some of us are similar to others.

Following this criterion, each entrepreneur launches into his own adventure following a different motive. We can encompass mobile phones in “Opportunity” and “Necessity”, but each one has its own motive: to transcend, leave a legacy, generate disruption, make history, create a legend, be an inspiration, live comfortably or bring bread to the table. table, are some of the motivations.

Motivation must be transferred to the heart of entrepreneurship, which is less simple than it seems. It goes far beyond periodically gathering the team to make them listen to speeches taken from self-help manuals. It's not about standing in front of your collaborators and playing the role of a new age guru of entrepreneurship or the king of business stand-up.

For the entrepreneur it is vital to understand that his team is an essential part of the business. NASA's most advanced rocket could fall if a rivet comes off. Likewise, your business may not get off the ground if a part breaks. The most basic of your collaborators is as important as the rest of the team, including you of course.

You have to be honest with your motivations and you need to know those of your team, and since we know that it is not always easy to do so, we share a list made by Colombians Edna Cancelado and Jaime Mazuera:

SATISFACTION IN THE DUTY COMPLETED: For some people, they are driven by the desire to do their job for the sole pleasure of doing it well. In this they find proof that they can do whatever they set out to do.

FRIENDSHIP FIRST: There are people who do everything humanly possible to be surrounded by friends. This makes them always eager for the recognition of others, which is why they avoid taking sides and become accomplices of their “friends” in order not to lose their friendship.

PERFECTIONISM: Quite a few are much more interested in the technical aspects of their work. For them, excellence comes before any other consideration and they do everything humanly possible to achieve it in every job they undertake.

THE PASSION FOR POWER: Many are motivated by the motive of one day exercising power. They are individuals with leadership skills and excellent leaders. But, on the other hand, they sometimes neglect their performance in order to defend power.

DIVERSE COMBINATIONS: It is not unusual for a person to act according to two or more of these modes of motivation. But the common thing is that one of them is predominant.

Dear entrepreneur, whatever your motivation, I wish you the same thing that I wish for myself: prosperity, transcendence, growth and improvement.

Happy week, happy life, happy endeavors

Marcelo Berenstein

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