This Argentine startup applies AI in logistics

E-pick presents an advanced logistics solution created by entrepreneurs from Córdoba, developed 100% in Argentina, and that incorporates artificial intelligence to make e-commerce processes more precise and efficient.

Without a doubt, in recent times two variables in the world have generated drastic growth: one is e-commerce and the other is Artificial Intelligence. It seems like the two have nothing in common, but they do. A logistics startup unites them to ensure that online stores achieve perfect logistics, reaching the homes of all their customers thanks to the help of Artificial Intelligence.

By presenting a disruptive door-to-door service with a technological base supported by AI, efficient costs are generated and tailored to the ecosystem, with a clear benefit for companies that need to add to their products that with so much care produce a quick and efficient arrival to the your clients' homes”explains Pablo Furque, CEO and founder of E-Pick.

While working in the corporate world, Furque and his partner watched as traditional logistics companies struggled to adapt to the rapid growth of e-commerce. It was there when they realized that the problem was that these companies were adjusting their existing business models instead of creating specific solutions for a new era that increased in the post-pandemic: electronic commerce.

“This disparity between market demand and traditional logistics capabilities was the spark that lit the flame of innovation. “We embarked on a bold mission: to create a logistics company designed exclusively for e-commerce, with a strong leg in AI,” adds Furque.

The company focuses on offering a service based on three pillars: easy to use, economically accessible for any market and absolutely effective for a large company, but also for an entrepreneur who, from his workshop or small factory, generates products for clients throughout the country. .

The technological base supported by AI in the key definitions of geographic density and possible and predictable logistics execution is reflected in a predictable service of efficient costs and services tailored to the ecosystem, companies benefit from repeatability and the possibility of having an ally and offer the service that your customers expect when they make a purchase”Furque continues to explain.

This is different from traditional companies that added the e-commerce channel to their range of services, but “contaminated by the previous design, which translates into high costs and erratic service with restrictions such as contracts or variable rates.”

AI thus becomes the core of E-Pick's operation, acting as the brains behind route optimization and resource allocation. This approach allowed the company to offer a more efficient and agile service, exceeding market expectations.

Without a doubt, the combo worked. Since its launch, E-Pick has seen meteoric growth. After landing in Chile in 2022 and in Mexico in September 2023, the platform quickly attracted more than 52,540 users, leaving an indelible mark on the logistics market. Today it is at the gates of the giant of the region: Brazil.