Only one quality will make you an entrepreneur

It is not enough to create a company to be an entrepreneur. Anyone can do it. You have to have a unique quality. Do you know if you have it?

Many startups fail. We are talking about 90%, the number does not matter. Those are just statistics. And you are not a statistic.

What are the reasons? There's a lot. Most of them apparent and some, a little less.

The most obvious:

  • An unclear and ill-defined vision and mission,
  • Insufficient market research and lack of knowledge of customer needs,
  • The absence of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP),
  • Too optimistic expectations,
  • A solution lacking simplicity,
  • Trying to do everything instead of addressing a problem,
  • Poor hiring
  • Lack of compromise,
  • Liquidity problems,

The list is long…

However, there is one cause that is often overlooked: a lack of resilience.

I have written before about resilience.

What is it and why is it essential?

Being resilient is being able to pivot, adapt to the slightest setback, accept your mistakes and learn from them, and get up after a fall and continue with the same enthusiasm and motivation that drove you when you started.

If being resilient is discovered along the way, it is still the most visible manifestation of a certain mindset. Which consists of saying that failure only exists in the mind and that, quoting the famous words of Nelson Mandela

“I never lose. “Either I win or I learn”

Nelson Mandela.

In every situation, even the most challenging, there is always an opportunity to learn something. Being resilient is understanding that every crisis is an opportunity in disguise, if not a blessing. And accept it.

Many entrepreneurs fail because they give up too quickly.

Often due to fatigue and exhaustion, but also due to a lack of conviction and the absence of a just cause to fight for.

Resilience is possible thanks to a positive and open mentality as well as the meaning that the entrepreneur wants to give to his mission. A purpose that transcends the company. That goes beyond her.

In order to be able to get up at the slightest setback, the businessman and his team must justify their perseverance. And it's not money that will motivate them. Money is not important at all. Especially if the setback can compromise the future of the company and, therefore, its ability to generate money.

It is the reason why the company was created and why the entrepreneur launched into it, which will make them commit.

This same reason will unite the team and allow it to overcome the challenges that will inevitably arise along the way.

Simply because they will have the conviction that what they are doing is for a just cause worth fighting for.

Without a clear and fair vision and mission, your startup is unlikely to survive and endure.

You can be sure that your employees will abandon you.

It is not enough to create a company to be an entrepreneur. Anyone can do it.
Only resilience will help you become one and get up every time you fall so you don't join the 90% of startups that fail.