The ten most important languages ​​for business

Any business requires a certain level of foreign language skill to make deals, hold meetings and sign successful contracts. These are the ten languages ​​​​you need to know.

Mastering and learning foreign languages ​​is an important point for any business person looking to communicate internationally.

Of course, the quality of that communication and understanding relies heavily on your or your colleague’s ability to speak a particular language at a certain level.

That’s where online learning comes in; Nowadays, there are many online schools that offer language training in the shortest time, for example, Preply. It’s easy to get online courses and start speaking any foreign language without difficulty, no matter how old you are or where you live.

To help you decide which languages ​​your businesses and colleagues should invest time in, here’s a breakdown of the most popular and valuable languages ​​to learn if you want to internationalize your business:

People in 94 countries use this language for various business conferences, presentations and meetings. On the Internet, about 54% of sites use English. We can say that this language became global. Therefore, it is advisable to choose English as the “main” language for communication. Of course, it may also depend on your own country, type of business and many other things.

As we can all see, the Chinese economy is developing by leaps and bounds, and it is possible to say that China will become the leader of the world economy in the coming years. Among Internet users, Chinese is the second most popular language. If you plan to develop a business connected to China, use Chinese to communicate with partners, clients, etc., to establish successful business connections and develop your ideas in the global market.

It doesn’t mean that you can open a business with the Spanish language only in Spain or Latin America because today, many people in the United States speak this language! According to statistics, there are about 53 million Spanish speakers in the United States. Direct your attention to the fact that the Hispanic population is constantly growing in this country. Therefore, if you are planning to start your business in the United States, select the Spanish language without any doubt!

210 million people in the world use German. It is a great language for doing international business with EU countries including Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and many others. Many Internet users also speak German. If you conduct business contracts with the countries listed above, please select German as your first language for communicating with partners.

Many entrepreneurs choose Brazil to expand in the LATAM region. Behind Spanish, Portuguese is the second most popular language used in Brazil, Portugal and Africa. Latin America’s economy is growing rapidly, making it a good place to start your own business.

Using Arabic for your business is a great opportunity to develop ideas in Middle Eastern countries. There are around 300 million Arabic speakers worldwide, in 28 countries. That’s why we establish Arabic as the language of the future for business.

Many people know French as a language of love, but it is also a great language for business opportunities! There are many French-speaking people around the world, including the European Union and Africa. Don’t hesitate to select French for business if you plan to cooperate with Africa, the UK or the EU.

Japan is a well-developed country with bright prospects and modern innovations that is perfect for business cooperation. About 130 million people in our world speak this language. Japan is a country of modern electronics and robotics, so if you cooperate with this country, Japanese is an essential language for your future company!

Russian is the second language used by people on the Internet after English. There are not many people in Russia who know English perfectly, so translating your content and company brochures into Russian will help you establish stronger connections with this country and do business in Russia.

India is a country with a strong economy that is fully acceptable for cooperation. Hindi is the tenth most popular language in the world. India’s economy and location make this country very profitable for business cooperation.