Grimoldi launches its franchise system

Grimoldi SA, the leading non-sports footwear company, will begin an expansion plan through the franchise system.

The company currently markets recognized national and international brands through two channels: an extensive network of stores operated directly by the company (5 retail business chains with a total of 70 stores) and the wholesale network that sells through independent merchants.

Business chains allow the company to have greater control over the distribution of its products and segment the market. Thus, today there are Grimoldi stores, Hush Puppies stores and Merrell stores and it operates in association with Timberland stores and Outscape stores.

With brands such as Hush Puppies, Timberland, Caterpillar, Kickers, Merrell, Franco Sarto, Patagonia, American Pie, the company aims for a clear positioning strategy in the ABC1 and C2 segments.

The company was founded in 1895 by Italian immigrants. It is one of the few Argentine companies over 100 years old that remains in local hands and has survived economic ups and downs for more than a century. With 112 years of experience, Grimoldi became synonymous with footwear in the minds of most Argentines.

The products manufactured and marketed have technological, fashion and comfort characteristics, which, added to their quality and prestige, clearly distinguish them from products from other brands. Thanks to these characteristics, the company significantly increased its market share during the crisis and in subsequent years, growing at a rate of 25% annually on average.

In the current scenario of consumer income recovery, Grimoldi SA and its international brands provide a glimpse of sustainable future growth.
That is why the company, after having detected areas with excellent potential that have not yet been exploited, has decided to undertake an expansion plan by offering franchises of its business chains in the market: Hush Puppies and Merrell (single-brand stores) and Grimoldi and Outscape ( multi-brand stores).

Hush Puppies Chain: Hush Puppies is the heart of casual and urban fashion. Its philosophy is comfort and outdoor living for men, women and children. Their styles range from work to weekend shoes.

Grimoldi Chain: It offers collections designed for men, women and children with different lifestyles, ranging from classic to informal and sporty, without leaving aside global trends. Grimoldi sells a wide variety of brands, such as Hush Puppies, Merrell, Kickers, American Pie, Caterpillar, Franco Sarto and Patagonia.

Merrell Chain: Merrell stores invite you to continually expand the outdoor world by offering its internationally known line of footwear, clothing and accessories.

Outscape Chain: It is a space that offers a complete range of products that define a lifestyle. Outscape stores sell footwear, clothing and accessories for casual as well as outdoor activities and extreme sports, with a variety of international brands such as Timberland, Merrell, and Caterpillar. Outscape stores have a well-defined style: casual and outdoors.

Currently there is no footwear company with similar characteristics in Argentina. Grimoldi SA is a leading company in its market, which, having 70 stores in operation, decided to continue growing hand in hand with future franchisees, sharing with them its history and know-how, giving them the possibility of exploiting the marketing of prestigious brands, taking advantage of the intense marketing campaigns. corporate advertising, training programs and constant support in the operation.

The leading company in innovation, design, manufacturing and marketing of branded footwear, continues to provide fashion and technology to the service of customers and enters the world of franchises to continue growing under this new commercial scheme, sharing its business model with all those interested in joining their successful brands and commercial formats.