The importance of good communication

Although many entrepreneurs do not take it into account when starting their startup, good communication is important.

The entrepreneur is usually in a hurry to make his dream come true. He has the idea, he manages to crystallize it and then a great “AND?”

It happens more often than you imagine and has to do with the mistake of confusing vertigo with speed.

One of the most crucial aspects that entrepreneurs often neglect is image and communicationessential to achieve success.

Just as it is not enough to be honest but you also have to appear honest; It is not enough to have a good product or service. The market is the one that has to perceive it, it is the customers who have to feel inspired by your product or service.

It is not enough to describe the technical benefits or features. It is necessary to transmit positive sensations and experiences. In image and communication, the “as” is as important as “that”.

The beginning of a business is a moment of many definitions. One of them is to think about whether it is advisable to communicate as soon as it is started or to wait.

At the beginning of a startup, very few entrepreneurs understand that communication can begin to build ties with their main stakeholders.

It is a stage in which the commercial strategy may not be completely defined, much less the communication strategy; However, it is important to detect which will be the priority audiences to whom we must pay special attention in order to capture their interest, in a positioning process that naturally requires long-term communication efforts.

Once the field of action has been analyzed and the channels chosen, the knowledge we have of our target audience will tell us which are the most appropriate moments to communicate with them, being able to control that the message arrives in the most direct way and adjusts to their needs. of audiences and meets communication objectives.

I leave you this story, which may serve to inspire you about the importance of knowing how to communicate:

“Once upon a time there was a powerful king who had had a bad night. In his dream, a horrible nightmare made him experience the loss of all his teeth. He woke up worried, and immediately sent for one of his faithful advisors to interpret his vision.

The wise man listened to the story, and gave his interpretation.

“Your Majesty. I am sorry to inform you that this dream brings bad news. It means that all your relatives will die”.

Upon hearing the news, the king became furious with the advisor. The impertinence of the warning blinded him with anger, and he ordered his soldiers to punish the wise man with a session of whipping.

As he was still worried, he sent for another of his trusted men. The second wise man listened attentively, and after a moment of reflection he commented on his interpretation of his dream.

“Oh, lucky king. This dream is a blessing. It means that will outlive all his relatives.

Happy with the interpretation, the king let himself be carried away by his good humor and gave the advisor a bag of gold coins.

A servant who had observed the two scenes approached the second sage as he left the king's chambers.

“Excellence. Excuse my ignorance, but didn't what he told the king mean exactly the same as the other wise man's interpretation? Why then did he receive a severe punishment and you a lavish award?

“It's true. The news that I gave to the king it was the same. But the way of communicating it was very different. Learn that the presentation of your words is as important or more important than their meaning.”

Happy week, happy endeavors, happy life to all.

Marcelo Berenstein
(email protected)