The entrepreneur, builder of excellence…

Entrepreneurship is not a way to make a living. Entrepreneurship is making a living and there is no other way to generate good returns than to aim for excellence.

It’s not about opening a store, creating a little store on Facebook, Instagram or putting some money into a new business. To undertake is to keep the spirit of improvement restless, to seek to grow day by day, to drive away the ghost of conformism and to always go in search of more.

For the entrepreneur, excellence is a holy grail and does not exist within him, the “Let’s do the minimum necessary to escape”. The mediocre mentality has no place in an entrepreneurial soul.

Each person builds their own destiny, not only with their actions but also with their thoughts, words and attitudes.

The present was built on our past; and today builds our future. With this in mind, we must think, see, say, do, put on and be the best version of ourselves at every moment so that tomorrow (or the eternal now) is solid, prosperous and happy.

Life is a permanent state of surprise; Therefore, let’s build each second with the best of us, without worrying about the result. May excellence be the path rather than the goal; that we find profit in the process and not just in the final result.

May it not happen to us like the builder of this story:

“A senior master of workyes Now that he was older, he was ready to retire to enjoy his retirement pension. He told his boss about his plans to leave work to lead a more pleasant life with his wife and his family. He was going to miss his monthly salary, but he needed to retire; They would figure it out somehow.

The boss realized that it was inevitable that his good employee would leave the company and asked him, as a personal favor, to make the last effort: build one more house. The man agreed and began his work, but it was clear that he was not putting his heart into what he did. He used inferior materials, and his work, as well as that of his assistants, was poor. It was an unfortunate way to end his career.

When the bricklayer finished the job, the boss went to inspect the house and handed him the keys to the front door. “This is your house, dear friend,” he said. It is a gift for you”.

If the bricklayer had known that he was building his own house, he would surely have made it completely different. Now he would have to live in the imperfect house he had built!”

Marcelo Berenstein
(email protected)