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Entrepreneurship is an art. It requires talent, passion, vocation and a lot of trial and error to achieve the closest possible work to perfection.

Entrepreneurs experience many situations daily similar to those faced by artists, which is why they both have so many attitudes in common. Facing criticism is a situation that unifies them. Another capacity that unites them is the virtue of generating something that did not exist before, be it a painting or an industry; a song or a disruption; a poem or an innovation. Both face risk, criticism and failure… as they build their path to success.

Artists are cultural entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are business artists. They both have the following in common:

Artists and entrepreneurs may be afraid of the uncertainty generated by the future, but they choose get out of comfort. Both take risks and overcome obstacles through passion, perseverance, trial and sweat. As the great one said Pablo Picasso, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.

When a joke doesn't make you laugh, a song doesn't move, or the theater is half empty, the artist handles failure by taking inspiration to create an outstanding project. The comedian, the singer, the writer or the actor has the ability to recognize failure so as not to repeat it again. In the entrepreneurial ecosystem it is similar. Young entrepreneurs who pay attention to failures, learn from them. Genuine success comes when you overcome difficult times.
Managing pressure and managing insecurities are two outstanding aspects of artists and entrepreneurs.

Musicians, actors, painters, writers and artists of all manifestations of culture have a support group that gives them feedback and who they can turn to for opinion, guidance and advice when they feel that they are off track from where they should be.
The same thing happens with entrepreneurs. They need mentoring, networkingacceleration and sharing concerns with other entrepreneurs.

At this point, artists have a bit of an advantage over entrepreneurs, because they generally have the ability to recognize when their work comes to an end. A painter knows when more paint would ruin his creation or the writer who realizes that adding extra chapters puts his book at risk.
Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, tend to lose objectivity and have a hard time differentiating when something is right or wrong, and they also have difficulty recognizing the convenience of stopping a project or continuing it.
They should remember, just as in art, that often less is more.

The artist and the entrepreneur have realities that are similar: they create something, take it down a path and fail to create something new again and thus move forward. They both know that it is not always advisable to continue with an idea if it is bad and they also know the benefits of learning from mistakes. They have no problem repainting a painting, rewriting a song or taking a turn to turn the business around.

Entrepreneurship is an art. Artists and entrepreneurs need to create works for three main reasons: to live, grow and realize their passion.

If you create a company and it doesn't work, you just have to close it, learn and start over. The market is like the public that doesn't like a movie and then sees another one by the same director and loves it; It is that same market that can make you succeed when you start again by adjusting the mistakes of the past.

Happy week, happy endeavors, happy life to all.

Marcelo Berenstein
(email protected)