Neither unicorns, nor gazelles, enterprising lions

As faunal nicknames are fashionable in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, I sign up for one: Entrepreneurship is learning to be like lions in the business jungle.

There are different perspectives to see entrepreneurship.

Some maintain that entrepreneurship is creating a business, others claim that it is creating better living conditions for society; There are those who say that it is about making dreams come true; There are those convinced that you are born an entrepreneur and those who assure that you are made.

I believe that all visions have some truth, but in this era where zoo-mythological analogies abound to catalog enterprises (gazelles, lynxes, moles, unicornsetc.), I would add that entrepreneurship is also learning to be a lion.

The world, society, business, everything seems to be a jungle where in the food chain of greed, the big ones eat the little ones. In the entrepreneurial ecosystem, there is a kind of oasis where some big people support a few small ones to grow, but that does not mean that we do not have to be lions convinced that we can get out of the jungle successfully.

Because in the process you are going to come across vultures and vampires who seek to feed off your effort and confidence. And in this ecosystem where smoke sellers are the order of the day, learning to be an entrepreneurial lion is a necessity.

You have to be strong to leave behind the false security of salary, to face the disbelief of your own and others, to conquer a market and to combat with ingenuity the lack of capital.

Personally, in these 18 years of Emprendedores.News I met entrepreneurs of all categories, and I can attest that there are potential lions in all of them; That's why I want to close by sharing this Sufi story:

«Once a man saw an invalid fox and wondered how he could be so well fed. So he decided to follow him and discovered that he had settled in a place where a great lion used to go to devour his prey. When the lion finished eating, he would walk away and then the fox would go and feed as he pleased.

The man said to himself:
-I also want destiny to offer me the same way.

And he went to a town and sat down on any street to wait. Time passed and nothing happened, except that he became hungrier and weaker. Then, at his due moment, he heard an inner voice that told him:

-Why do you want to be like a fox that looks for a way to benefit from others? Why not be like a lion so that others can benefit from you?

Happy week, happy endeavors, happy life to all.

Marcelo Berenstein

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