Lima 2024: Preparations for world athletics at Pin Up Casino

Lima 2024 is emerging as a milestone in world athletics. Peru is preparing to receive the best athletes. Follow the preparations at Pin Up Casino.

Sport in Peru is about to experience one of its most emblematic and significant moments in recent history. After the resounding success of the World Under-20 Athletics Championships held in Cali, Colombia, Lima is preparing to be the first city in Peru to host a World Series of Athletics event. The 2024 U20 World Championship will take place between August 27 and 31, marking a milestone not only for the city but for the entire country.

The president of the Peruvian Athletics Federation, Javier Chirinos Hoyos, has expressed his enthusiasm and pride for this achievement. “We are very happy and proud to have been chosen, for the first time, to host the 2024 U20 World Championship,” he said. Chirinos Hoyos’ promise to organize “the best event of this category in history” is not only a reflection of ambition, but also of Peru’s commitment to sport and its development.

This event is not only an opportunity to show the world the young talent of world athletics, but also to demonstrate Peru’s ability to organize world-class events. “We have the experience and a great team to give the best in Lima in 2024. Thank you all and we will be waiting for you with open arms in Lima,” added Chirinos Hoyos. This statement resonates with the anticipation and human warmth that characterizes Peru and its people.

Additionally, events of this magnitude have a significant impact on tourism and the local economy. The arrival of athletes, technical teams, journalists and fans from all over the world to Lima promises to be an important boost for local businesses, hotels, restaurants and tourist services.

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The U-20 World Championship in Lima is not just a sporting event; It is a celebration of youth, talent and the competitive spirit. It is proof of Peru’s commitment to sports development and an invitation to the world to experience the rich Peruvian culture and hospitality.

As Lima prepares to host this historic event, expectations grow. The promise of an unforgettable event, the enthusiasm of the young athletes and the passion of the fans promise to make the 2024 U-20 World Championship a milestone in the history of Peruvian sports. As we approach the date, Peru is getting ready to welcome the world with open arms and demonstrate that sporting spirit and human warmth go hand in hand in this corner of the world.