HUMOR: The priest, the nun and the opportunities

A priest offers him a lift in his car to a nun who was hitchhiking.

When the nun sits down, she crosses her legs and her leg is visible. The priest almost had an accident. After checking the car, he moves his hand up the nun’s leg.

The sister tells him:

– «Father, remember the psalm Luke 14:10

The priest takes his hand out, but after a few minutes he comes back and puts his hand on the nun’s leg, once again the nun says

– «Father, remember the psalm Luke 14:10«.

The priest apologizes and tells him

“Sorry sister, the flesh is weak.”

Upon reaching the convent, the nun sighs and leaves.

As soon as the priest arrived at his church he grabbed the Bible and looked for the psalm. Luke 14:10what did he say «Go ahead and search, higher up is the glory!»

Moral : If you do not have enough knowledge in what you do, opportunities to advance will pass you by.