UPERSIST (You persist): The method of successful entrepreneurs

Alden Mills is a former Marine and founder of a company that turns over USD 63 million a year. For Mills, the secret to success lies in the UPERSIST method (You persist)

Great cases of entrepreneurs highlight their greatness due to the difficulties they had to overcome. JK Rowling, Bill Gates and Walt Disney They are just some of the many who encountered enough obstacles along the way to give up, but who, on the contrary, overcame the difficulties and reached the top.

For Alden Mills, former US Navy Seal, founder of Perfect Fitness and entrepreneur recognized for increasing his company's income from $500k to $63 million in just 3 years, the secret is persistence. Nobody was betting that an asthmatic and uncoordinated child would be named 3 times platoon commander. His life is an example of how wanting things can be achieved and for this reason he shares his secrets with the world through talks and his book titled Be unstoppable; in which he says how we can make sure nothing stops us.

Alden tells us in his book that there are only 2 limitations that can hold us back: Our inability to dream and the lack of courage to pursue those dreams. Once we overcome these 2 factors, we only need to follow these 8 steps to be persistent and achieve our goals.

It is based on the English acronym UPERSIST (You persist):

Understand: Understand why we do things.

Plan: What is our plan to achieve what we want.

Excercise-Execute: Exercising gives us the energy to execute the plan.

Recognize: Recognize the reasons why we believe we can achieve it.

Survey: Inspect our habits.

Improvise: The plan can fail and we need the ability to adapt.

See advice: Seeking advice from experts can save us time by shortening our learning curve.

Team up: Seek collaboration with a work team.

All the steps are important, but we are going to delve into the first 3, which are essential to start any project.

Only by being clear about why we do things can we get out of difficult moments and continue to be persistent. find that because It's not easy, but Alden suggests how to find it.

The main thing is to identify a goal. Imagine that you are not going to encounter any kind of obstacles, what would you like to be or achieve? With that in mind, make a list of pros and cons, where the pros are all the positive things that achieving the goal would bring and the cons are the negative things. From some of the pros or cons the because. For example, if one of the cons is 'not being able to be with my family', that may be the because which will lead you to persist and eventually achieve the goal: 'Being next to your family'.

One of the characteristics that successful people most share is that they have very well defined goals. Do you already have yours? Once you have it, it is important to understand that you are not going to get them all at once, everything takes time. You must take it step by step and make each step reached a mini victory, which will serve as motivation to continue in the race; and the only way to continue climbing is to work day by day to shorten the distance between your current position and your goals.

Would you invest in a pill that makes you smarter, reduces stress, tones your body and gives you energy? Surely yes. Alden tells us that this pill is available to everyone and that it boils down to exercising every day for 30 minutes.

Exercising, contrary to what many believe, gives us energy; and we can only execute a plan if we have enough energy to carry it out.