To undertake is to learn to be free

All human beings are born free, with certain talents and abilities. Of course, for these gifts to shine, several things have to happen first.

The first is for the entrepreneur himself to recognize those talents and gifts as his own, and only then work on them.

It’s like believing that by paying the gym fee, your physique develops on its own. Talent and skills are within but they must be practiced consistently so that they grow and shine.

Failure to do so condemns the entrepreneur to the bars of comfort and conformity. Not exploiting our talents is a one-way ticket to mediocrity and routine.

Having various skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences, and not finding the appropriate place to take advantage of them, is to give up being free and go into exile in the comfort zone or to the zoo of this story.

One afternoon, in unbearable heat, a mother camel and her cub were resting under the shade of a tree. Suddenly, the baby camel asks:

– Mother; Can I ask you a few things?

– Of course! What do you want to ask me or is there something that bothers you?

– Why do camels have a hump?

– Look son, we are desert animals, and we need the hump to store water and be able to survive for a long, long time.

– Well, can I continue asking?

– Of course son, you can continue asking.

– Why do we have very long legs and our legs are round?

– Obviously we have them so that they adapt to walking in the desert, with these legs we move better than anyone else.

– And why do we have our eyelashes so big? This sometimes bothers my eyesight.

– Those long and thick eyelashes are a protective cap. They help protect your eyes from desert sand and wind.

– I understand mom. If we have the hump to store water when we are in the desert, the legs are for walking through the desert better than anyone else and these eyelashes protect my little eyes in the desert… So, what the hell are we doing here in the damn zoo!

Marcelo Berenstein

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