The Popularity of Online Stock and Forex Trading in Mexico

Trading is It has become, throughout the world, a very popular activity through which significant amounts of money can be earned. Mexico does not escape this reality, which is why many people wonder what the legal framework for this type of trade is.

In short, trading is a good way to earn extra income, and can sometimes become the main source of income. In this sense, this has become the largest market in the world, moving a volume of 6 billion dollars daily.

Trading, as occurs in other Latin American countries, is a perfectly legal activity in Mexico. However, even though this activity is legal, the risks involved must not be lost sight of.

In this sense, There is no law in Mexico that prevents or regulates the actions of brokers. In fact, anyone with a device with Internet access can open a trading account at a broker, subject only to the restrictions and limitations that the broker may have. This is why any Mexican citizen can open their own trading account, only having to respect the conditions, terms and restrictions imposed by the platform on which they register the aforementioned account.

As already mentioned, there is no law in Mexico that regulates trading operations in the country, with the terms and conditions within the market and each platform determining how to proceed in trading. This does not mean that the activity is completely free. Although there is no regulation in this regard in Mexico, the Mexican trader who operates outside the borders will have to adapt to and respect the laws and jurisdictions of the countries in which they carry out transactions.

As expected, and taking into account that trading does not find legal regulation in Mexico, this activity is not subject to the payment of any tax in Mexico.

Notwithstanding the above, monthly transactions that exceed 15 thousand pesos may attract the attention of the Treasury. This means that, in these cases, it is likely that the Public Treasury will investigate and investigate income that exceeds 15 thousand Mexican pesos per month, analyzing the origin of that money.

Although transactions of more than 15 thousand pesos are under the spotlight of the Mexican Treasury, the truth is that it is easy to avoid tracking this money through collection through digital wallets.

That this market is not regulated means, ultimately, that neither are the profits obtained through this activity. However, this does not mean that profits should not be reported at all. Without a doubt, the best thing is that, at the time of filing the declaration, the Mexican taxpayer includes the profits that he would have obtained from trading under the definition of interest. In addition, it must be taken into account that the profits obtained from trading will only be required to be declared when they exceed 100 thousand Mexican pesos.

Trading is an activity that attracts more and more followers, even those who are new to market operations, which is why there are many brokers that offer a Forex no deposit bonus with the aim of attracting new clients. Forex no deposit bonuses generally involve the broker providing the client with a small amount of capital with which they can start trading in the Forex market. In this way, the client can learn the vicissitudes of how the market works without fear of losing their own money.

It is important, not However, knowing how to choose the broker through which you can use a no deposit bonus. In Latin America there are different brokers that offer this possibility and whose bonuses are valid for Latin American traders.

These no deposit bonuses offered by brokers have terms and conditions, usually very similar regardless of the platform in question, which should be known when taking advantage of their advantages.

These no deposit bonuses are only available to new customers.

They are subject to a time limit, so that the new client will only be able to take advantage of their benefits during a specific period of time. Normally for 30 days after registration.

They are automatically canceled if a client withdraws the money obtained during or after the duration of the no deposit bonus.

They are applied per client, so a client can only have one no deposit bonus at a time.

There is usually a limit on the number of no deposit bonuses that can be awarded per household.

Typically, there are conditions that apply in the event of withdrawal of benefits. Normally, in order to withdraw money, the client has to complete a certain number of operations or generate a specific amount of profits within a specific period of time.

It is also common that there are restrictions related to the currency pairs that the client can trade using the no deposit bonus. This means that the interested party will not be able to carry out transactions in any currency, but only in those in which the aforementioned bonus allows it.

It is usually common that the no deposit bonus can only be used on a specific trading platform, limiting the platforms on which it can be used to operate in the market.

At the time To take advantage of Forex no deposit bonuses, it is essential to know which are the main brokers in Latin America that offer their new clients this possibility. Let’s see what these are:

This bonus $30 without a deposit is a very good option for novice investors to start operating in the market without taking risks. This bonus requires, however, a minimum deposit of $5 and, furthermore, it cannot be withdrawn. However, those profits that would have been obtained with the bonus can be withdrawn, as long as the volume of operations in the real trading account reaches, at least, 10 micro lots and as long as 5 complete round turn operations have been carried out.

This $35 HFM bonus is offered to new customers so they can trade from their Micro, Premium and Cent accounts. The minimum deposit, as in the previous case, is 5 dollars, so it is possible to significantly multiply the capital deposited using this bonus.

However, this bonus has different conditions, among which are the following:

  • New clients benefiting from this bonus will not be able to trade DMA and ETF products.
  • Bonds are intended for trading purposes only.
  • To withdraw the profits made, traders should have traded trades with a cumulative volume of 2 standard lots, completed 5 full round turn trades and made calculated trades with Forex, gold and silver.

The FBS no deposit bonus is $70, although this amount can be increased to $140 if certain conditions are met. Thus, new customers will be able to take advantage of the $70 bonus when they register and verify their FBS account and link their Facebook account to their FBS Personal Area. However, if the interested party downloads the FBS Trading Broker mobile application and performs the steps mentioned above through said application, the bonus will be $140.

In this case, profits can only be withdrawn up to the amount of the original bonus and as long as more than 20 trading days have passed. In addition, it is necessary that at least 5 lots have been negotiated in a period of 20 days, during which the negotiation must be active.

The bonus offered by Admirals has an amount of $100 to operate in any of the four accounts available on this platform. Additionally, this bonus can be taken advantage of by those clients who have not yet funded a real account, being a good way for traders to start their trading adventure without taking risks.

In order to take advantage of this no deposit bonus in Forex, verification of the client’s identity is necessary and it can be used for a period of 30 days. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the bonus cannot be withdrawn and that the winnings can only be withdrawn by opening another account at Admirals, as long as the balance of said account is up to $300 and that traded a total volume of $1,200.

The Tickmill bonus is a no deposit welcome account with which no risk will be assumed by the client. With an amount of 30 dollars, any citizen of Latin America will be able to open an account at Tickmill and start operating with their welcome account without a deposit.

Furthermore, something that characterizes this bonus and that differentiates it from the previously mentioned ones is that it does not require complete registration or verification of the client’s identity. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the welcome account will remain open for a period of 60 days and that the $30 bonus cannot be withdrawn. Notwithstanding the above, it is possible to withdraw the profits obtained from the bonus up to $100, although once any withdrawal is made, the welcome account will be closed.

This account is only available for new clients and identity verification is only necessary to withdraw the benefits obtained, since the bonus cannot be withdrawn. In addition, the profits obtained can only be withdrawn after opening another account at Tickmill whose minimum deposit must be $100.

Even though the above no deposit bonuses are completely safe and reliable, it is important to consider some factors when accepting one of these. In this sense, the client who wants to take advantage of its benefits must take into account its regulation, that is, it is essential to check that the bonus is regulated and authorized to offer services in the country of residence, specifically Mexico.

On the other hand, It is essential to analyze the terms and conditions that apply to the no deposit bonus. In this case, it is important to understand, above all, the conditions that apply in case of withdrawal of the benefits obtained from its use, as well as the time limit during which these can be used. Another issue of vital importance when choosing a bonus to operate with is the currencies with which transactions can be carried out, since there are brokers that allow more currencies than others when marketing their no-deposit bonuses.

Equally important is the amount of the bonus, especially if you take into account that the amount of these ranges between $30 and $150, depending on the trading platform chosen.

As we have already As mentioned above, trading is an activity that allows you to earn extra money at the end of the month or even allows you to live comfortably with the profits obtained from the operations carried out. However, it is essential to know the ins and outs of this market in Mexico and the advantages that no-deposit bonuses have for those who want to enter this adventure and do not want to take too many risks at the beginning.