The entrepreneur and the dreams…

Entrepreneurs know the importance of dreams. They are clear that they are the fuel of the spirit. An entrepreneur cannot conceive of living without dreaming and always has a new one on hand so as not to stop growing.

The dreams of the entrepreneur are not common but belong to the category of those who believe they have the ability to change several worlds at once: the personal world, the family world, and the world in general.

And although for some these dreams may seem utopian, the reality is that they are very possible for a simple reason: The world has been, is and will always be shaped by those who have the courage to believe in themselves. Those who trust in their dreams have the perseverance, patience, stubbornness and strength necessary to go for them and make them come true.

The entrepreneur does not fear risk, on the contrary, he assumes it as a challenge and a stepping stone to climb higher. He has a trilogy of ideal partners in his mind, heart and spirit.

He never leaves the ground, but he never stops looking towards the sky. He is taking firm steps climbing towards the goal.

The entrepreneur is a dreamer who realized the ability to turn the idea into vision and the vision into reality. The entrepreneur, by the way, cannot escape or give up the ability to dream. That’s where he begins to take shape. vision.

As William Faulkner wisely said:

«Supreme wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight of them while pursuing them»

Happy week, happy endeavors, happy life to all.

Marcelo Berenstein
(email protected)