Superhumans: AI x Intellectual, relational, emotional, physical and spiritual abilities

Artificial Intelligence, along with other exponential technologies, They will enhance not only our results, but also our capabilities and abilities. In the synergy between technology and human talentwe found our way to our next version.

During my time at Singularity, I had the opportunity to raise with Ray Kurzweil the question of the Singularity, the radical fusion between humans and technology. It was the beginning of 2018 and his story impacted us.

His response was revealing: «The human being is indivisible from technology. The use of technology differentiates us from other species and defines us. 400,000 years ago, one of our earliest and most revolutionary technologies was the ability to start a fire. Imagine where we would be without her.

How will technology impact our capabilities and skills? I leave you some examples, showing that the impact extends far beyond the intellectual.

  • Immediate access to updated information and data.
  • AI can improve our ability to process and understand information, generating alternatives and providing answers Quick and accurate answers to complex questions. In addition, there is talk of the possibility of connecting our brain with the cloud, which would enhance our own thinking.
  • Incorporate into our thinking the use of sophisticated algorithms to analyze large data sets and make predictions precise.
  • Personalization of teaching methods, interfaces and educational materials to our individual needs through the use of augmented reality, gamification and other interactive technological resources.
  • Analysis of facial expressions, tone of voice and other indicators to detect and understand human emotions. Technology enabling our ability to empathy. Can you imagine supplementing your intuition with this information when interacting with people?
  • Powerful application for self-knowledge, understanding of our emotions, and training of our emotional intelligence and its management.
  • AI-based bots that provide Emotional Support through interactive conversations, offering compassionate listening and suggestions to manage stress, anxiety and improve emotional well-being.
  • Using AI and virtual reality to create immersive therapeutic environments that help in the treatment of mental disorders and phobias, giving people the possibility of facing their fears and practicing social skills in a controlled environment.
  • Improvement of the interpersonal communication through real-time translation tools, sentiment analysis and language suggestions, thus facilitating understanding and empathy.
  • Analysis of people's interests, preferences and reactions to make recommendations for more meaningful and relevant conversations (something like the social media algorithm feeding our capacity for daily interaction).
  • Education through virtual assistant integrated into social skills, gestures, adaptation to social environments.
  • Virtual and augmented environments using AI and mixed reality technologies. Shared spaces, interaction with realistic avatars and a sense of presence even at a distance. Close your eyes or accept a “call” and be able to enter these dimensions?
  • Furthermore, the automatic translations More accurate and faster will facilitate communication between people who speak different languages, breaking linguistic barriers. Thinking in one language and pronouncing in another without knowing it.
  • Use of smart devices and nanotechnology applications combined with AI to constantly monitor physical metricssuch as heart rate, sleep quality and activity levels, providing real-time feedback and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.
  • Advances in the study of human genome that will revolutionize and personalize medicineoffering live personalized recommendations on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle, thus promoting better health and physical well-being.
  • Development of applications based on AI, virtual reality and assisted robotics to support the physical rehabilitation and therapyhelping people recover more quickly from injuries and improve their mobility.
  • Complement our physical abilities with robotic or technological accessories gaining new skills? (exoskeletons to lift heavy weights, thrusters to fly, robotic legs).
  • CRISPR and editing human DNA from living people? Very strong just thinking about it!
  • Microbiome and other developments that can maximize our understanding of the human body and cure diseases with other approaches, prolonging life.
  • The combination of virtual reality and AI gives us the possibility to immerse ourselves in spiritual and transcendental experiences, such as visiting sacred places or participating in ancestral rituals virtually. These experiences can help us connect with our spirituality in deeper and more meaningful ways.

It's fascinating to imagine how these exponential tools can transform our lives. It is also impossible to avoid a feeling of fear and uncertainty. The interaction between humans and technology gives us an unprecedented opportunity to explore new frontiers.

By democratizing not only consumption but also the co-creation of these technologies (one of the 6Ds of exponential technologies), the construction of the future is in everyone's hands. The future lies in our interaction, respect, coordination, care for others and values.

We need training today more than ever on a little understood concept: power is service and responsibility. It is caring and offering value to others from that place of being able to do.

Let's take advantage of these tools to transcend our limits and open new possibilities on our human path. Let us not allow from our common place of silent majority that they end up being used again to enhance the power of the few and the submission of the many.