Latin Pay, the comprehensive payment solution for inbound tourism

Latin Pay announces its launch and begins its operation in the country as the payment solution in Argentine pesos for inbound tourism without the need to change banknotes.

This innovative development, founded by Juan Ignacio Buezas and Federico Carballo, joins a solid national fintech ecosystem and combines the Latin Pay digital wallet with an exclusive rechargeable Visa prepaid card to operate in national currency with a preferential price around the MEP dollar. It works through a system of cash in from accounts around the world in any currency.

In addition to not requiring the use of cash in hand, both the entry of foreign currency and its conversion to pesos is done immediately and without additional costs. It is a financial experience that provides tools that simplify the way tourists from all over the world buy in Argentina.

In this way they will be able to access the complete Latin Pay package (card and virtual wallet) in hotels, travel agencies, referral programs and stands at the airports in Buenos Aires: Jorge Newbery, and soon in Ezeiza. This guarantees security from the beginning of the operation without having to use cash to exchange foreign currency.

In turn, it can be requested from the app and in approximately one hour the person receives it at home. At the beginning of operations, this benefit is provided only in CABA, but they are already working to cover greater national territory. Delivery is carried out through an Orders Now distribution agreement.

“Latin Pay is much more than a payment solution, it is an experience. The objective is that those who arrive in our country have a comprehensive proposal that allows them to pay at a convenient exchange rate, immediately, transparently, reliable, secure and with a large number of benefits, without losing the status that they have in mind. their banks of originstated Juan Buezas, Co-founder of Latin Pay.


  • There are no maintenance or shipping costs.
  • The card application is obtained at different delivery points or through the app with a delay of approximately one hour.
  • The card is valid for two years with the possibility of obtaining another.
  • Transactions are 100% transparent. No hidden fees
  • Recharge is immediate
  • It is done cash in from credit or debit cards from accounts abroad and their conversion is around the MEP dollar
  • Services: delivery, transportation, accommodation and entertainment.
  • Includes an exclusive Benefits Club for clients with discounts on different selected products and services.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, until June 2023, more than 3,150,000 tourists entered, spending US$ 2.3 billion. In turn, tourists entering the country come mainly from neighboring countries: Chile, 21.8%; Uruguay, 16.8%; Brazil, 15.4%; United States, 10%; Paraguay, 7.3%; Bolivia, 3.5%; Spain, 3%; France, 2.1%; Peru, 2.1%; Germany, 1.8%; United Kingdom, 1.8%; Colombia, 1.8%; Italy, 1.6%; Canada, 1.5%; and Mexico: 1.3%.