Dream Team of entrepreneurial virtues

Success in entrepreneurship is a goal that is reached in infinite ways. The development of entrepreneurial virtues makes the path smoother.

Entrepreneurship is a path that begins in the abstract. It can arise as a dream, present itself as an inspiration or appear as an idea. Then, the entrepreneurship follows its natural path through the processes and steps necessary to bring it down to the level of reality.

Once we have started on the path, we may have to travel it without having a certain idea of ​​where it will take us.

Christopher Columbus wanted to get spices in India and ended up discovering America. By accident Fleming discovered penicillin, George de Mestral did it with Velcro, Dr. John Pemberton with Coca Cola, Spencer Silver with the post-it note, the Kellogs brothers with cereals and the same thing happened with Viagra, matches. , the microwave oven, saccharin, radiography and many other inventions.

Surely Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and many others had as their primary goal to change the world for the better. Success and millions were the consequence and not the goal for them.

Whether they reach the top by chance, accident or consequence, all entrepreneurs who achieve it have in common being prepared, self-confident, aware of their talents and weaknesses, inner strength, perseverance and mental acuity, among other qualities.

Without these internal components the chances of success are significantly reduced.

Always prepare as if you were just starting, be curious, be constant, patient and flexible. Feed your inner fire all the time and learn to be generous.

Perhaps, the woman in this story serves as an example for you to understand that starting your business with the entrepreneurial virtues mentioned above is an excellent exercise that can bring the best results:

“Eleven people were clinging to the same rope hanging from a helicopter, ten men and one woman. The rope was not thick enough to support everyone's weight, so they decided that one person had to let go, otherwise everyone would fall. They couldn't choose who that person would be, but then, the woman with a firm voice announced that she was offering to do it voluntarily to free herself from the rope. After all, she said, she was used to relegating her own interests, since:

-As a mother, she always gave priority to her children.

-As a wife she put her husband's interests before her own.

-As a daughter, she bowed before her father.

-As a professional he allowed his partner to get credit for his achievements.

As a woman, she said, looking up into infinity and placing her hand over her heart; Her mission was to sacrifice herself for others without expecting anything in return.

Euphoric with excitement, the ten men applauded and as they did so they let go of the rope and fell into the void.”

Happy week, happy endeavors, happy life to all.

Marcelo Berenstein

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