5 online tools to boost your business

In this article we show you 5 online tools to boost your business and accelerate its growth, helping you position yourself in your sector

There are various online tools to boost your businesswhich, due to their characteristics and functionalities, will help you this digital venture can position itself in the sectorallowing you to carry out a series of activities automatically or even much faster than expected.

According to the publication Electronic commerce in the world – Statistical data from Statista: “By 2023, smartphones accounted for around 80% of visits to retail websites worldwide.”

This highlights the importance of having good positioning and visibility in the digital field. The web offers a wealth of opportunities for those who decide to start a business that operates through the Internet, but it is necessary to give oneself permission to implement technologies that serve as support to manage it efficiently.

Start an online business merits the use of technological innovations so that the tasks carried out can be implemented in an optimal way.

Thus, by using online tools to boost your business, the eCommerce growth process will occur faster and will be more evident, since its operation will substantially improve.

Do you want to know some digital tools for entrepreneurs that will help position your online business on the map of your economic sector? Next, we will show you 5 that will change the way your business works:

1. Holded: manage the accounting of your business impeccably

Accounting information and errors do not mix well. A mistake, no matter how insignificant it may seem on a financial level, can lead to important legal or economic repercussions to your business.

Thus, automating accounting processes in your organization with the help of an accounting program will make a difference in the level of accuracy, transparency and clarity of your financial reports.

This, in turn, will significantly facilitate compliance with various legal procedures that are required for the proper functioning of your eCommerce and other essential tasks, such as electronic invoicing.

Thus, Holded is one of the tools to grow your eCommerce that is ideal for keeping your accounting records updated and accessing them when you need them most.

You can use it to check the income and expense status of your business; prepare a financial report or prepare an accounting document required to comply with a certain procedure.

On the other hand, if you know what the electronic invoice is for and its importance today, this program will allow you to create this type of documents in a very agile and precise way.

Likewise, you can use Holded to perform some of the following accounting tasks:

  • Create automatic entries in the journal whenever there is a change in your accounting.
  • Calculate your taxes easily and effectively.
  • Have the balance of your business in real time.

2. Chazki – organized and punctual package delivery service

It's very probable that one of your biggest concerns be the quality of the package delivery service to your clients.

Thinking about whether it will arrive later than agreed or the status of the presentation of the boxes will give a lot to talk about, for better or worse. You know that this impression is very important and that your customers may decide to buy from another online store in the future if the service has not been as expected.

In the report End-to-Endless Customer Service (Customer Service from Start to Finish) of Accenture, José Luis Antolín, who is Accenture managing director of Customer Service and Sales in Spain, Portugal and Israelmentions that:

“It is necessary to change the organizational mindset of companies, towards a model that continually turns customer interactions into meaningful predictions and actions that expand trust and drive growth.”

Chazky is a logistics software thanks to which you can offer your customers an excellent logistics experience, which is highly valued in their total consumer experience, since it will provide fast and safe delivery to these users.

Some of the benefits that working with Chazky will offer you to send orders to your clients are the following:

  • You will be able to track orders to know the status of the process they are in.
  • Orders will be delivered within the time agreed with your clients.
  • These users will receive the order in perfect condition.
Chazki is an online tool that helps you with the package delivery service for your clients
  1. 3. MOZ: Plan customized SEO positioning strategies

If your business does not appear on the Internet, It's practically as if it didn't exist.particularly if this is handled entirely online.

Your customers are there among various establishments that occupy a place in Google and other web browsers. Which one do you think they will want to buy from?

That's right: those digital businesses that are at the top of the SERPs have an advantage over others in terms of visibility and authority, since users will feel greater confidence in visiting them and betting on them.

In this sense, MOZ is one of the online tools to boost your business that will not only allow you to implement effective SEO positioning strategies, but will also help you find out about possible errors present on the eCommerce website that usually have a negative impact on your business. website performance and user experience.

Some of the main functions regarding the SEO of your website that it will allow you to perform are the following:

  • Access the most relevant metrics for the keywords of your business, being able to identify them based on criteria such as search volume, opportunity, difficulty and potential.
  • You will know who has mentioned your eCommerce on the Internet.
  • Observe which spam sites are linking to your business.
MOZ is one of the online tools to boost your business that will not only allow you to implement effective SEO positioning strategies, but will also help you find out about possible errors present on the eCommerce website that usually have a negative impact on the performance of the business. website and user experience.MOZ is one of the online tools to boost your business that will not only allow you to implement effective SEO positioning strategies, but will also help you find out about possible errors present on the eCommerce website that usually have a negative impact on the performance of the business. website and user experience.

4. Google Analytics: helps you understand the behavior of users on your website

Knowing how users behave in your online store, that is, the way in which they reach it, as well as the way in which they use it, will allow you to take better decisions about the improvements you can implement on your website.

In this sense, Google Analytics is one of the online tools to boost your business that will definitely make it easier for you to understand the product acquisition process through your online business website.

You can use this powerful tool to carry out the actions that we will mention below:

  • Monitor your sales and other conversions on the web.
  • You will know which pages of your eCommerce are performing best to optimize the user experience on these.
  • Learn what the users' browsing experience is like on mobile devices.

5. Canva: give a unique look to your online business designs

The visual image of your eCommerce is among the main aspects for which you can use online tools to boost your businesssince users and clients tend to connect with the various elements that make it up as long as you make sure to transmit a meaningful message to them.

The logo and other elements that make up the visual identity of your personal or corporate brand must show its differentiating values ​​and those characteristics that give it a unique personality.

In this regard, Canva is an online software with which you can do different graphic design tasks to create personalized designs with which to highlight the attributes of your business's products, helping you increase online sales.

You can use this tool to carry out the following actions:

  • Edit images to correct some of the details they have and also add filters to them.
  • Use predetermined templates to more easily create your designs based on the requirements of each digital channel you use to promote your products.
  • Create animations to promote your products in a dynamic and interactive way.

Online tools to boost your business They are a powerful key so that your digital venture can experience a significant transformation in its operation, increasing the chances that it can remain operational over time and this brand has its seal of authenticity in the sector.

Likewise, users and clients tend to feel connected to those companies and businesses that join the digital transformation, given that technology allows them to have a better navigability experience, as well as makes it easier for them to carry out processes on web pages, contributing to that can be done in a short time and safely.

Do not forget to inquire about those online software that are of interest to you through their official website, this will help you establish whether or not they are necessary for your digital business, given that this information will allow you to know its characteristics, functionalities, as well as of the advantages that come with implementing them.