5 mental models for the success of your business

There are 5 mental models that you should have already adopted and that will help you achieve your goals

Why do some people start a business and succeed, while others never get off the ground? What makes one business profitable, while another closes a year after starting? In recent decades, some businesses within the service area have grown at double-digit rates. For example, the coaching business.

But while demand grows, supply tends to atomize. Only a very small percentage of coaches, consultants and independent professionals are successful. Most will not make it past the first year. And if. This pattern is also repeated in the other markets where independent professionals operate.

Why is this happening? Because the majority continue to use the same business manual from 20 years ago.

Therefore, there are 5 mental models that you should have already adopted and that will help you achieve your goals:

We live in the information age. All strategiesthe tactics and tools you need to launch a successful business are just a click away.

If you want results, if you are committed to advancing and growing, you need to optimize your time and invest money in your business. Learn from those who are in that place where you want to be. Train yourself in what you need to know to achieve your goals. Face your fears and limiting beliefs to go further.

Most freelancers try to “fish” for clients through blogs, podcasts, Facebook ads, Insta-stories, and other mass channels. After all, as we said above, the entire world is the potential market. That’s very tempting. But this is like going out to fish all together, in the same sea, along with thousands of other fishermen, for any type of fish.

In the best of cases, you may have capital to invest and a large, well-prepared fishing boat, but there are still others who have beaten you to the punch and have been fishing for longer, so they know the places where there is the best bite.

In the worst case scenario, you may only have a small boat and a rod, and to prevent the turbulence of the enormous waves generated by large ships from sinking you, you have no choice but to confine yourself to a corner and pray that some distracted fish deign to try your bait.

But there is a way out. You can create your own sea. A space where you are an expert, where you are unique, where you control where you position yourself in the mind of your ideal client.

But of course, for this it is essential that you understand very well what your purpose and your magic is. That you define your niche, and focus on them.

Your customer needs to clearly understand your value proposition. What can you do for him or her. How can you accompany him, how can you relieve what hurts him. And for this, you need to have a message that is solution-oriented, where you show results. Results that you know your client can achieve, of course. To accompany him in this process you need a method.

Value Proposition + Method, How do you explain them?

Your way of telling it, your message, has to be built with your client’s words. If you speak from the service, from what you do, you are telling the story from you. If you speak from the solution, you tell the story from what happens to your client, what he or she cares about, and you project it towards where he or she wants to be.

The mayority sell It seems almost a bad word to him. A taboo. An ugly and uncomfortable situation that puts them in a place where they don’t want to be. However, selling from a place of integrity is different.

You have unique talents that the world needs. I came out of invisibility and share it with others.

If you ask a person who has never set foot in the kitchen in their life to make a cake, without any help, without a recipe and without a guide… What do you think is going to happen?

When we tell it like this it seems like a ridiculous and exaggerated idea, but many people start their business this way. They have zero experience, don’t know the strategies or tactics, and still expect success. They spend years trying to mix the ingredients, and in the process they forget to incorporate the most important ones, because they never knew what they needed or how to do it. That’s why you need a mentor.

Yes, you can succeed with your business with purpose, doing what you came into the world to do. But you have to believe it for it to come true. And for that it is crucial that you have the right mental models.