2024 is coming, the best year to undertake

An atypical and difficult year that tested the entire planet is coming to an end. 2024 is presented as the best year to undertake, as long as you consider it in your mental map.

2023 was an intense year in the political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, family and spiritual world. Nothing will be like before, for better, for worse or for both. Changes must be implemented at all levels and those who are attentive can be part of the select group of architects of reconstruction. 2024 can be your year.

The global economy will need to breathe new life and begin to retrace the path to recovery. Innovation, creativity, new rules of the game, greater productivity and competitiveness are going to be key. Those who understand it will feel the “call of the butler”: “The table is served.”

Do you have Jim Morrison? The great vocalist of The Doors had a wonderful phrase:

I was just exploring the limits of reality. She was curious to see what would happen. That was all: simple curiosity.”

Without a doubt, it is 100% entrepreneurial thinking. Raising the bar, pushing boundaries, expanding what is known are virtues applicable to those who dare to go for more, dissatisfied with the status quo.

Being curious is a great virtue that education on this side of the planet tends to repress instead of encourage; as if promoting creativity were a sin.

It is impossible to think of being an entrepreneurial nation if creativity and innovation are not encouraged, nor if the door is not opened to curiosity and if failure continues to be seen as an enemy instead of a teacher.

“I don’t have any special talent. I’m just extremely curious.”.

Albert Einstein

When there is a crisis, whether economic, social, environmental, etc., the majority of people see difficulties, but the entrepreneur finds opportunities.

Therefore, although most see 2024 as something hard, we find these excellent reasons for it to be the best year to undertake:

Working is a central activity of life. That is why it is essential that enjoy and feel rewarded as much as possible. Entrepreneurship does not imply full-time dedication but rather full life. There will be hard times, uncertainty and confusion, but at the end of the day, beyond all the barriers, there will be nothing more pleasant than enjoying the harvest of your own sowing. I tell you from my own experience: there is no poor entrepreneur, because the wealth of one’s own income is measured by the material and the spiritual, and there is no salary that equals it.

Salaried work is increasingly complicated. Employment times in conventional companies are shorter and job stability is increasingly less stable, despite the redundancy. All of this has an impact on the worker’s economy, which is why I always affirm that the salary generates a false sense of security.

Starting a business may not initially generate great income, but the motivation of being your own boss and earning everything that your effort and creativity allow, are more than enough motivations to start designing your own business.

Is there anything better than getting up at whatever time you want and doing whatever you want with your time? That’s freedom! Be free and manage your time as you want, manage your business from your smartphone or laptop. You are the leader of your own life.

All entrepreneurs have ideals, that’s why we start entrepreneurship. For some the ideal is the environment, for others it is education, health, improving consumer experiences, etc.

Ideals may differ, but they all have a common denominator: making the world a better place to live. A country that bets on its entrepreneurs, a country that inexorably improves the socioeconomic benefits of its people.

Working for others has benefits and also disadvantages. Not being able to have control over the risks is one of them and the constant uncertainty about your job continuity is another.

When you undertake the reins are in your hands and you become responsible for building a great company or deciding on a change of direction.

Of course, entrepreneurship involves many risks, but I assure you that being responsible for fighting to the end to overcome them or not is not the same as putting your financial security in the hands of third parties.

He risk of undertaking is it manageable? Of course yes, it depends on how prepared you are to assume administrative and managerial positions, but for this you have sources of help like this page and you can take courses, seminars and others that help you learn what is related to general business administration. .

In any case, you don’t have to quit your job without thinking about it, first organize and plan your entire venture and as soon as it is working well and is sustainable, start becoming self-employed.

Steve Jobs He stated on several occasions in his biography that he was not highly motivated by money, but by doing brilliant things that surprised the world and that tested his intellectual and creative capacity.

I’m not going to lie to you, starting a business can be exhausting, but if you do things well you will realize that the reward is much greater than the money.

Happy year, happy week, happy endeavors, happy life to all.

Marcelo Berenstein
(email protected)