10 steps to be a better entrepreneur

So you want to become an entrepreneur, but not just any kind. You want to become the best entrepreneur you can be. These 10 steps can help.

How can you become what you want? What should you do to achieve it? What steps should you take to improve as an entrepreneur?

These are very complicated questions, and they can’t be answered with a simple template you can follow. Different businesses, and different people, need different action steps.

But, as always, there are commonly used principles or action steps that have the potential to differentiate an average entrepreneur from a better, successful one.

Over the past few years, I have worked with different entrepreneurs from different industries and different businesses from different markets. They are all different, and none of them have taken the same action steps for their own success. However, I can tell the difference between them as more successful and average. All successful entrepreneurs are using the following action steps, and because of that they become successful business owners:

They have ideas, they want to dream about them, but they also take action to make their dreams come true. Without action, they cannot be who they are today. Without action, their dreams cannot come true. Without action, they cannot become entrepreneurs.

Yes, they always take further action because they are not satisfied with the current status quo, even if they have already taken action before and have had success with it. There is always something more for them, something that can be improved, something better…

Successful entrepreneurs have a large base of followers, common thinkers, attention-getters, supporters… They know that without them, their business will be in danger. They know that the success of their business will depend on that community. That is why one of the most important tasks for them is to improve the quantity and quality of their community.

Their supporters, their common thinkers, the attention-getters, and the followers can always give them ideas about possible improvements, possible needs, or possible problems that the business can solve. These entrepreneurs have the greatest potential to increase the energy of their business directly from their community by increasing their knowledge of what people want. This way, they can give them what they want. It’s a win-win situation.

They want to fail, but fail fast and as soon as possible. If they make a mistake, it is better to fail in the early stages of the project, when failure is not so painful for them.

If you don’t fail, you can’t learn. If you don’t learn, you can’t know what to do in the future. Is it simple?

So failures are something that gives them new knowledge and experiences and, in this way, they become better entrepreneurs.

They are always ready to take action, and they do take it. But what they know from formal or informal learning they use in their daily work. That is the norm for the future.

They read books that can improve their business life. They talk to people and learn at the same time. They never stop trying different ways to learn something new, which they can use for their business.

Every decision must be implemented. Every project must be started and finished. There are always things that need to be done.

If managed correctly, they can fail nine times out of 10 attempts. But the last success will be worth the previous 9 failures.

So you have to do something, fail and learn from it. That’s the basic philosophy to become a better entrepreneur.