10 free books to inspire, motivate and learn

We share 10 free books on Personal Branding, Call to Action, Coaching, Assertive Communication, Mentoring, among other topics.

Learning new things is one of the constants at this time. Anyone who intends to evolve, grow and transform their personal and professional life, today has at their fingertips the most extraordinary library of all time: the Internet.

If you know how to look for reliable and responsible sources, you will access a world of knowledge, experiences and ideas like we could never have imagined.

Curiosity is the alarm clock that will keep your mind restless and hungry to know about different aspects. Then, it is necessary to transfer it to practical experience so that you can connect it with each of the experiences in your life.

It is also important that you have critical thinking: this will allow you to discern what is important to you, what is not, and how to search in other spaces.

To help you, I have always shared thousands of articles, videos, infographics, and dozens of books in paper format and as ebooks, electronic books that are available worldwide through Amazon, Mercado Libre and on all international platforms.

You can also find many of these titles in select bookstores.

Additionally, I have dedicated myself to writing, designing and making available to you, completely freemore than 10 e-books on different topics, as a form of service to help you grow and advance, if you wish.

These books are short, in simple language, with dynamic design, and offer a variety of topics among which, surely, you will find some of your specific interest or need. Authorship of all books: Daniel Colombo.

Here you have ten of these books at no cost, so that, if you wish, you can download them and read them. I have indicated the main #themes of each one so that you can orient yourself better:

#Personal Brand #Marketing #Communication #Sales #Social Networks #Business

When it comes to communicating your Personal Brand, Calls to Action (CTAs) are a fundamental tool to get your audience to do certain things that you would like them to do. For example, to contact you, to comment, to “like” one of your posts, or to share.

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/el-libro-blanco-del-call-to-action/

#Emotions #Emotional Intelligence #Self-Help #PersonalDevelopment #Communication

Are you overwhelmed by the news? Do they cause you anxiety, tension, sadness? Without denying what happens and living in a bubble, learn to regulate your Emotional Intelligence so that it does not affect you too much.

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/15-formas-de-no-amargarte-la-vida/

#Work #Employment #HomeOffice #RemoteWork #TeamWork #PersonalDevelopment #ProfessionalDevelopment

In this e-book you will find the essential tools for remote work, whether at home, doing a “home office” or from anywhere in the world.

Here you will find the keys, techniques and specific tips so that you can carry out tasks virtually. In addition, leaders will have more resources to manage their teams remotely, maintaining levels of productivity, confidence and motivation as if they were in person.

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/e-book-the-ultimate-guide-to-teleworking/

#Coaching #Clients #Work #Entrepreneurship #Clients #PersonalBrand #Sales #Marketing #Networking #Profession #ProfessionalDevelopment

If you are dedicated to coaching, mentoring, and also consulting and advising (all different disciplines), in this e-book Daniel Colombo tells 50 accessible and practically free ways so that you can get more qualified clients, regardless of the market segment. that you are heading.

The title refers to professional coaching, Although its concepts can be applied and adapted to all types of sales of intangible services. In addition, you will learn the main rules of successful networking, a fundamental strategy to design and sustain contact networks that allow you to grow your business. In a practical, entertaining and precise way, Daniel offers here part of his +30 years of experience dedicated to coaching, mentoring, consulting and speaking professionally, in 18 countries.

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/ebook-50-ways-to-find-coaching-clients/

#EffectiveCommunication #Assertiveness #Empathy #Relationships #Coaching #Education #EmotionalIntelligence #Communication

In “Assertive Communication” you will find a simple step-by-step guide about the value of the two essential aspects for you to enhance your relationships: the ability to listen actively and assertiveness.

This ebook includes 40 practical examples to improve your communication in all kinds of areas. With simple and easy-to-incorporate schemes to personal and professional life, Daniel Colombo, here in a brief format, puts all his experience so that you learn to express more clearly what you want, and achieve those results effectively.

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/e-book-assertive-communication/

#Mentoring #BeMentor #Accompaniment #Communication #Motivation #Inspiration #Leadership #Mentor

In this ebook you will discover dozens of tactics that will be useful for mentoring processes with all types of people.

Mentoring is a discipline that is constantly growing. It is especially applied in the professional field, when an experienced person guides, directs and accompanies another person with similar interests so that they develop their maximum potential, capitalizing on the contributions of their mentor.

Here you will find the keys to do it assertively, in addition to knowing the difference between coaching and mentoring and multiple resources that you can combine in the processes you carry out.

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/e-book-caja-de-herramientas-mentoring/

#Inspiration #Motivation #Leadership #Reflections #StoriesWithMoral #StoriesThatDoGood #ShortStories

After publishing the best-sellers “Stories that do good” and “Opening paths”, with more than 900,000 copies sold, here is this free ebook with a selection of stories to inspire and motivate change. Easy to read, this work presents stories with reflective content to help make decisions, innovate, undertake and move forward in difficult times.

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/e-book-historias-para-conquistar-tus-suenos/

#PersonalDevelopment #Emotions #Fear #EmotionalIntelligence #Improvement #SelfHelp #SoftSkills

In this free e-book you will find a practical guide to learn to overcome fears. Here you will discover dozens of resources to get you going immediately, which will allow you to achieve, among other things: regain your self-confidence, learn the dynamics of fear, connect with the purpose behind your fears, turn fear into learning, and move to the next level of results you long for, beyond fear.

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/e-book-como-atravesar-tus-miedos/

#Motivation #Leadership #SelfLeadership #Self-help #Self-knowledge #PersonalDevelopment #ProfessionalDevelopment #Emotions #EmotionalIntelligence #SoftSkills

In difficult times you need to know how motivation works within us, in order to better promote projects, desires and goals, beyond the ups and downs of life and so that you learn to overcome challenging moments.

This free download e-book presents techniques and tools that can help you achieve inner balance and be a person enthusiastic about life, even in the midst of daily challenges.

It contains tips, exercises, reflections and step-by-step instructions to achieve greater daily motivation to inspire you in your process of growing, learning and moving forward.

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/e-book-how-to-be-more-motivated-every-day/

#SocialNetworks #PersonalBrand #YouTube #Videos #Content #Strategy #Sales #Communication #Communities #Marketing

In this free e-book you will discover 25 practical tips about YouTube. From how to start a channel, how to generate ideas, positioning and creating a community.

Here I tell you first-hand the lessons that will lead you to having a YouTube channel with thousands of followers, as an important part of your Personal Brand and professional reputation, regardless of the activity you carry out.

As of the date of this article, my YouTube.com/DanielColomboComunidad channel has over 216,000 subscribers, and it continues to grow every day!

Download it for free here: https://www.danielcolombo.com/e-book-25-tips-para-triunfar-en-youtube/