10 Chinese commandments to be an entrepreneur

The Chinese, whether businessmen or not, consider it a shame to work all their lives for someone else. They have entrepreneurship in their blood.

China in recent years has been growing at a dizzying pace, establishing itself as the second largest economy in the world.

This success is not due to its high population, that too, but mainly to a discipline and a mentality that is born from the philosophy of honor, hard work and ambition.

Any Chinese, whether a businessman or not, considers it a shame to work his entire life for someone else. They have entrepreneurship in their blood, and we can see that in our streets, in the local businesses they have built. If there is a population with entrepreneurial spirit That's the Chinese.

Today we want to present to you those 10 Chinese commandments of the entrepreneur that any entrepreneur can apply to start his business and make it successful. Some of them could be debatable from our Western vision. We leave it to each one's choice.

1. Choosing a good location is important

They use common sense to know if the place will be successful depending on the number of people in the area. Two premises: good premises and cheap, for this they take business premises that they observe are not working, to achieve a good price.

2. The sooner you start, the better

23 years old is the average age at which a Chinese starts their own business, although some do it at 18. They are not afraid and know that the worst that can happen to them is that the business fails, from that they will also draw a positive lesson: since it will give them experience for the next business.

3. Never ask for a loan from the bank

This point is unthinkable in Spain, due to our culture. The Chinese work and save for years without having any type of leisure expenditure. If he needs something else, he will ask for the money from his family, friends or his own “competition” and will receive the financing without problem, but never ask for money from the bank.

4. Do not have sentimentality about the business

If a business is not doing well, they do not wait to accumulate losses. They do not cling to it as we Westerners might do for a more emotional issue, they are born entrepreneurs, if there is no short-term benefit, they close the blinds.

5. Competition is a good sign

It scares us that they open a similar business in front of ours, the Chinese are happy. He knows that the more businesses of this type that open, it is a sign that he got the business right and is on the right path.

6. Chinese workers

A Chinese person never feels exploited. At the beginning he charges very little since he helps the businessman grow and build the business. When the business is going well and these workers already have experience, they launch themselves into entrepreneurship and the businessman who hired them will help them.

7. As soon as possible, open more businesses

The Western businessman ends up becoming a slave to his business, because he only has one. The Chinese have another vision to not be a slave to his business: When the first one goes well, he usually opens one or two more businesses. This way, he doesn't dedicate all his time to just one business.

8. Detect business opportunities

Spain is going through a tremendous crisis. The system fails while the Chinese open profitable businesses, provide jobs, grow and today are the sector that pays the most self-employed insurance per inhabitant. They see business probabilities, where we only see crises.

9. Give your client what they need

If a single customer asks for a product that they do not have, within a few hours they are already looking for the supplier that can serve them this product. They always listen to the customer and try to supply them with all types of products, some more in demand and others less so.

10. Work and save

We are incapable of saving, they are, why? They are willing to make sacrifices that we are not. They do not have bank debts, which are our worst enemy.