How Safe Is It to Have Your Hair Bleached at a Hair Salon?

Hair bleaching isn’t a new concept, in fact for hundreds of years now people have been turning to chemical formulas to help them to remove the colour from their hair for one reason or another. Some used to do so before battle to frighten their opponents, while others did so to incorporate particular styles (especially during the late-Tudor period).

When it comes to modern day bleaches however, it’s not uncommon to find that most techniques rely on abrasive chemicals to help with the discolouration of hair. These days, most hair salons will offer these types of services for one of two main reasons.

The first is to strip a person’s hair colour in order to apply a new one. By applying the bleaching formula, the chemicals will act to break down any pigment; be it natural or chemically-enhanced, allowing for the hair to be completely cleaned of colour and ready for a new shade to be applied.

The second reason is to emanate a particular style. There are plenty of celebrities out there that have had their hair completely bleached for aesthetic reasons. Eminem, Amber Rose, Rihanna and even Gwen Stefani are just a few of them. The colour can sometimes be a style in and of itself.

What Are the Risks Involved with Hair Bleaching?

Our hair contains natural pigmentation that individually are fairly transparent, but when grouped – as is the case with our hair follicles – can become a solid colour. Some people possess red pigments, others are brunette and even more are blonde. As we get older, the amount of pigment present can begin to dwindle and this is what leads to greying and whitening of hair.

The chemicals present within hair bleaches act to hasten this process; albeit in a temporary manner. Most hairdressers will recommend using softer and gentler bleaches when possible, as these can sometimes be used more frequently; although any bleach formulation can take a toll on hair follicles and their health.

What Poses the Risks?

Most bleach formulations will consist of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. On their own, these chemicals can strip paint from walls, or enamel from teeth. Together, they can act to create a catalytic effect that is ideal for hair colour stripping. And it’s these two chemicals that present the risk to hair health. Every so often there won’t be much to be concerned about – and most hair stylists in reputable salons will state this fact.

But if a person is hoping to bleach their roots every few days, or even weekly, then the potential for long term damage can be more prominent. This is why it’s advised to seek treatment at a professional hair salon as opposed to using home kits; mainly due to the fact that an expert will be more likely to recognise the condition of hair and suggest treatment options.