The types of services provided by a beauty salon can vary depending on the level of experience afforded by the therapists, as well as the style and theme of the salon itself. That being said, there are some common beauty therapies that are widely available across the UK, while others may be a little more exclusive in nature. Here’s a closer look at the types of beauty therapy services that could be considered the most popular (and therefore typically the most common).

Manicures and Pedicures

These types of treatments are some of the most popular, because they typically cost the lowest amount, can be completed in less than an hour or two and they are widely available within beauty salons in general. Manicures are treatments that relate to cleaning, colouring and improving the appearance of fingernails, while pedicures propose the same benefits; albeit to toenails instead.

Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are very popular because they can be enjoyed for a fairly low price (depending on the salon of course), whilst offering a variety of instantaneous rewards to those that are undergoing them. For instance, a facial that also incorporates a scrub can help to lift away dying and dead skin cells, whilst improving the general appearance of dermal layers. These treatments can be a very effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles – but they are considered short-term in nature.

Chemical Peels

On the other hand, chemical peels can do exactly what facial treatments offer; and then some. As they rely on advanced chemical formulas to help with the removal of dead skin cells, the results can often be much longer lasting. In some cases, these peels can be used to remove the appearance of age lines, crows’ feet and wrinkles in general. By stripping off the top layer of skin, the dermal layers underneath can be exposed and as these are often untouched by surface wrinkles; a more youthful appearance can be achieved.


Although not all beauty salons will offer massage therapies; those that do can be far more popular than the ones that don’t. There are several different types of massage; from sports and traditional massages, right through to Thai and hot stone massage. Although they differ, most serve the same purpose – and that’s to alleviate pressure and stresses felt by muscles, tissue and organs. Studies have actually demonstrated that a frequent massage can help to minimise anxiety as well, whilst promoting blood flow within deep tissue cells that can help with repair and recovery.

Facial Hair Removal

Although some men invest in these types of salon services, facial hair removal is especially popular for women that prefer a soft, smooth complexion. Facial hair removal can take place by using tweezers (more on that below), as well as waxing and threading. The goal is to remove hair from the most common regions on the face such as above the lip, under the chin and on parts of the cheek.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Treatments

Eyelash treatments can relate to tinting, whereby a person could have their eyelashes coloured to a more preferable shade. Alternatively, they could have false eyelashes fitted for a lengthier and more appealing aesthetic. The same can be done for eyebrows, although in most cases a beauty therapist will pluck, wax and thread eyebrow hair to ensure that the appearance of both match – and look as elegant as possible.

These popular services are becoming cheaper and cheaper as the years go by – mainly due to the fact that so many salons offer these treatments. In order to maintain a customer base, these facilities attempt to keep their prices as low as possible to remain competitive.