Council approves 2012 final budget
At their Monday evening, October 3rd meeting, the Enderlin City Council had a short meeting, ending at 9pm.  Two of the council members, Dean Torbenson and Kevin Bunn, were absent from this meeting. Members at the meeting were Mayor Deon Maasjo, Ben Trottier, Elva Engstrom, Larry Rolland, and Mike Jordet. Visitors at the meeting were Donn Larson, Jerry Gilmore, Nancy Farnham, Glen Fuhrman, and Sara Dixson.

As is dictated by law, the city is required to approve a Certificate of Levy for the 2012 Final Budget, which they did.

The following is the information on the certificate:
General Fund $173,700
Special Revenue Funds which include
Social Security $21,000
City Share Specials $24,000
Insurance $8,400
Retirement $8,300
Emergency $4,600
Forestry $3,500
Recreation $35,000
Library $24,700
Airport $13,700
Cemetery $3,500
Municipal Arts $8,900
General Obligation Bond
Total Amount Levied $377,700

In the council’s continuing search for the most economical way to provide insurance to its employees, Ed Van Hal, an independent insurance broker, attended the meeting and provided the council with some insurance information. He explained that he could not give them specific dollar amount cost without having more individual information about the city’s six employees. Mayor Deon Maasjo explained to Van Hal that due to privacy laws, any information provided would first have to be reviewed by the city’s legal counsel.

Van Hal left a number of brochures and printed information for the council to review.

Questions from the council to city auditor, Cyndee Chesley, included finding out just what the city provides for its employees. The answer was life, dental, optical, and health.  The city pays 100 percent of the insurance policies for employees.

Ben Trottier had asked Van Hal how many cities provide 100 percent coverage for their employees. Van Hal said that the number was low, maybe 5 percent. Trottier also asked what the percentage of coverage was for dental insurance by cities? Van Hal said probably 70 percent.
Maasjo said that he would provide the information from Van Hal to Fallon Kelly and would ask him to call each councilman with his findings.

Ron Braaten, Ransom County  Public Health Tobacco Prevention coordinator met with the council.  His first statement was he and the program that he represents is paid for by big cigarette  companies.
Braaten’s mission is to have all public areas smoke free. He showed the council a sign that he was proposing posting at playgrounds, parks, all public gathering places that are owned by the City of Enderlin.
One of the council members asked Braaten who enforces the no smoking ban? He said he did not know, but gave statistics that abuse of smoking has decreased considerably when they are posted.

Rolland stated that he thought that it was up to each individual business as to whether they want to be smoke free or not. Jordet said that he would like no smoking in any public business.

Engstrom made a motion to have Braaten provide the city with ten no smoking signs that would be put up in the city’s public gathering places. All present members voted for the motion.

Sara Dixson, Community Affairs Advocate, reported that the Economic Development Committee had approved a request from Maryhill Manor in the amount of up to $49,000 for their construction project. $25,000 would be provided as an upfront  grant and a commitment to provide up to a total of $49,000 in order for Maryhill to match a donation from Bremer Foundation of $75,000. Farnham, administrator from Maryhill, told the council that they had already raised approximately $25,000 of the needed amount.  Dixson explained to the council that the committee had asked for assurances that Maryhill would continue to fundraise and the sales tax dollars would fill the gap, if needed by March 2012, which is the Bremer deadline.

Rolland made a motion to approve the CDC’s recommendation to give up to $49,000 from the sales tax fund to Maryhill Manor. It was seconded by Engstrom and approved by all present.

Dixson reported that she had attended the Ransom County Economic Development meeting and the Enderlin City Golf Course received a $5,000 grant to help with expenses incurred cleaning out the creek and building ponding areas for flood water.

Dixson also asked for guidance in which projects they would like her to pursue, a priority list. She said that currently she is working on a grant for the city swimming pool, a Safe Route to School grant, and a walkers railroad crossing project. She explained that if they received all of the grants, the city would need to come up with matching funds, which might be too much. She was told to work on all of them, and if they all were granted, the council would at that time determine if they had the matching funds to proceed.

Gilmore, manager at the Enderlin City Golf Course, gave his end of the season informal report. He said that the weather had dictated the first four months, but he said the course is in good shape. He said that the fairway mower is down, and has been for a month. He recommended that the city shop for a different one for next year.  He told the council that he would be here until October 31st and the course will stay open until that time.

Gilmore said that the course’s greens are in great shape which is not the case of a lot of area golf courses.

After Gilmore left, Engstrom suggested that the city should consider doing more advertising for the golf course. She felt other areas may not have a golf course in the spring.
Public Works Superintendent, Rick Gillund, was absent but had left his report with Jordet. In the report was information that the lift station to ADM had been leaking and had been dug up and fixed.

Gillund’s report said that they had hauled recyclable cardboard out, and would be hauling newspapers soon. They also hope to do some more cracksealing before winter. The swimming pool has been winterized, and they are getting the equipment ready for snow cleanup.

Gillund requested that the council suggest how much he could spend for the purchase of a different truck to use for snow removal, sanding, etc. There are funds in his budget for this purchase. Gillund will be attending the ND State Auction with hopes of purchasing a vehicle.

Gillund reported that the Otter Tail power outage September 17th caused the city pumps to the lagoon to burn out. Two homes in Little Moorhead got considerable flooding, causing furnaces to be ruined.  The city replaced or fixed the homeowners furnaces and the city’s insurance will be used.

Maasjo reported that Bituminous Paving will be coming into town and doing a patch on the asphalt in front of Maryhill Manor. Then in the spring they will come back and evaluate what work needs to be done over.
Kathy Benneweis, coordinator for the city’s housing authority apartments reported that she was still waiting for a carpenter to come fix the leak spots in one of the apartments.  Her question was  who to hire. The council’s answer was whoever will come right away.

Larson asked the council for a clearer list on receipts and expenses for the housing authority, and that it be kept in a separate account.  They showed him that the sales tax dollars for the housing authority are kept separate, and are itemized.

Trottier approved one building permit in September for Kevin Muscha to replace a front entry. The council approved raffle tickets for the EHS Closeup, St. Patrick’s Altar Society, and the Enderlin/Sheldon Wildlife .
In final business they selected Tuesday, November 1 for their meeting date.

Annual Health, Wellness and Safety Fair  Something for everyone!

Once again the Enderlin City Auditorium will be a buzz with activity and information for all ages.  On Saturday, October 15th will be the Annual Health, Wellness and Safety Fair from 9am-Noon.
We are very excited to have four very informative and dynamic speakers presenting through out the morning.
They include:

Life’s 7 Simple Steps to Living Better by American Heart Association;
Internet Safety/Cyber Bulling by Abuse Resource Network;
Financial Wellness by Dakota Plains Credit Union;
Biomechanics and Injury Prevention for Running: Benefits of Gait Analysis by PROREHAB Physical & Occupational Therapy.

We also have a number of very informative booths including:
Winmar Diagnostics Sleep Wellness Center, Norwex, Monavie, Sanford Health (Blood Pressure), Arbonne, Path ND, Inc. Maryhill Manor, Mercy Hospital, Family Chiropractic & Massage, Organic Cupboard, Ransom County Outreach, Dr. Krivarchka, DDS, Ministerial of Enderlin, Alzheimer’s Association, Heartland Healthcare and Imaging, Prorehab Physical & Occupational Therapy, Tae Kwon Do-Greenquist Academy, SHIC, Lisbon Area Health Services (topic-mammogram awareness), Ransom County Public Health(free Radon Kits), Enderlin Wellness Center, HEART Program, Jazzercise(Vicki Busta) and Micaiah’s School of Dance.

Stroke Screening!!
Stroke Screening will be done by Heartland Healthcare and Imaging at the Fair.  Four different screenings will be available for a cost of $125.  If you are a HEART volunteer or elder you will pay a discounted rate of $100 of which $50 will be paid for by the HEART program.  Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are welcome until Noon.  Heartland phone number: 1-888-828-9560.

Attention Athletes and Coaches!!!
PROREHAB Physical & Occupational Therapy will be attending this year’s Fair.  They address issues such as Back, Neck, Muscle and Joint pain, Surgical Recovery, Balance and Strengthening, Custom Foot Orthotics and Diabetic Neuropathy.  They also offer Running Evaluations that help to prevent injuries, improve strength, increase flexibility and efficiency.

Attention Citizens, Parents and Students!!!
If you have any questions about Tae Kwon Do for either your student or yourself the Enderlin Instructor Mr. AJ Christianson from Greenquist Academy will be having a booth.  Michaiah’s School of Dance will all be in attendance.

Attention those 65 and older!!!
SHIC (Senior Health Insurance Counselors) will be there to answer any questions about Medicare Part D.  They will not be assisting anyone on that day, but individuals can bring lists of Prescriptions to do some data entry to save time during scheduled appointments.  NOTE EARLIER DATES: Enrollment Dates are October 15th-December 7th , 2011.
There will be a number of free items and information at each booth to help you and your family start and continue your path of well being.  You will not want to miss this!